About Warm Springs Elementary School

Warm Springs Elementary is a school serving over 800 students in grades 3–6. This public school is situated in Freemont, California. If you are preparing your child for an upcoming test at Warm Springs Elementary School, scroll down to learn about the preparation options available.

About the Fremont Unified School District

Warm Springs Elementary School is situated within the Fremont Unified School District. The Fremont Unified School District contains 46 schools.

GATE testing will be available to all third grade students in the Fremont Unified School District in 2018. Students are automatically opted-in, and parents must have submitted an opt-out letter by January 15, 2018. If your child is due to take a GATE test, the testing window in Fremont Unified School District is between February 5 and February 15 2018. TestPrep-Online recommends all parents to confirm test dates at Warm Springs Elementary School with the school directly.

If your child is new to the Fremont Unified School District and is joining fourth or fifth grade, he or she may have the option to undergo gifted and talented testing. Contact Warm Springs Elementary School for further information.

The Fremont Unified School District uses the CogAT test to identify students for the GATE program.

GATE Testing at Warm Springs Elementary School

As the Fremont Unified School District uses the CogAT to assess students for suitability for the gifted and talented program, students at Warm Springs Elementary School will automatically take the CogAT.

Choose from the list of CogAT levels below:

Math Testing at Warm Springs Elementary School

Whatever the reason your child requires extra math practice, our mathematics practice packs offer hundreds of math questions to help your child. We currently offer a math enrichment pack for 3rd grade that provides over 400 math problems and answer explanations. If you require practice materials for a specific math topic or for a different grade, simply contact us here and tell us what you need.

English Testing at Warm Springs Elementary School

Does your child need support with their grammar, spelling, or sentence skills? Perhaps your child needs extra practice with English or reading questions? Having a good command of English grammar is vital to your child's success in school, and TestPrep-Online can help.

Contact us now, to tell us the name of the test (if you know it), as well as the grade, and any topic information you may have. We will work to find the right test prep pack for you!

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