Worth it. My son was taking the CogAT Level 5/6 for school and with help from the practice tests, he scored well and was able to get into the county's gifted program. Thank you so much.
Excellent service! I bought a MAP pack and wrote to ask about grade differences. TestPrep-Online quickly responded with an extensive list of points. I greatly appreciated this service. They went above and beyond!
My son was preparing for CogAT Level 9. With practice, my son got used to the question styles and the practice built his confidence with the exam. Once kids know they can do well, there is no limit – they will always do their best. I have recommended TestPrep-Online to all my friends.
Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
We got the CogAT practice tests for our daughter. She nailed the test and I would totally recommend TestPrep-Online to other parents.
TestPrep is helping a lot, I am able to get used to the questions and learn how to solve them quickly.

What are the CogAT & MAP 2nd Grade Tests?

The 2nd Grade CogAT and MAP are common examination methods used to determine a child’s eligibility for various Gifted and Talented programs.

CogAT Level 8

The 2nd Grade CogAT Test, also known as the CogAT Level 8, consists of three sections, which you can read about below, and consists largely of patterns and pictures and very little of reading, as even instructions are read allowed by the teacher for this grade level.

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MAP 2nd Grade 2-5

The 2nd Grade MAP Test (2-5 edition) is built upon the notion of interpreting your child’s academic growth, as well as his or her abilities compared to other students. The latter use makes it an excellent method of determining suitability for gifted and talented programs.

Just Looking for the MAP?

Inside the 2nd Grade CogAT & MAP Tests

2nd Grade MAP 2-5 Test Sections

MAP 2nd Grade Reading Section: Tests reading comprehension skills and vocabulary strength (Read More).

MAP 2nd Grade Language Usage Section: Tests writing strategy, application, and style (Read More).

MAP 2nd Grade Math Section: Tests mathematical abilities in line with Common Core Standards (Read More).

2nd Grade CogAT Sections

CogAT 2nd Grade Verbal Battery: Tests vocabulary, verbal memory, and word relationships (Read More).

CogAT 2nd Grade Quantitative Battery: Tests quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills (Read More).

CogAT 2nd Grade Nonverbal Battery: Tests spatial and figural reasoning (Read More).

Tips for Prepping your 2nd Grader for the MAP & CogAT

  • Take our diagnostic sample tests. We offer free 2nd grade sample tests for both MAP and CogAT, which help determine where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are, giving you the opportunity to better plan your second grader’s prepping process.
  • Get a teacher’s perspective. Your child’s teacher is likely to have a greater insight regarding your child's abilities in the classroom. In addition, s/he may be able to dig up some past work your child has done, which can also be a great clue as to where your child stands academically.

Are You a Teacher?

  • Stick to a plan. Once you’ve taken our sample tests and spoken to your child’s teachers, it’ll be much easier to know where to begin in your studying process. Plan and schedule the appropriate time for each topic, according to the information you’ve managed to gather.
  • Arm yourself with snacks. Unsurprisingly, brain fuel is essential for brain power. Therefore, make sure to keep some healthy snacks at hand so that your child can stay focused on the material.
  • Maintain a varied prepping process. While note-taking, reading, and writing should not be overlooked as valuable methods of studying, we do recommend switching it up a bit: Perhaps a spontaneous math quiz with prizes? Or a vocabulary-themed treasure hunt? Whatever you end up choosing, variety can be a great way of keeping your child both focused and excited to learn.
  • Incorporate regular breaks. Breaks are a vital part of helping your child’s brain recharge and refresh, so make sure that you are as strict with your breaks as you are with your studying sessions.
  • Encourage question asking. Encouraging your child to ask questions regularly can be a great way to make sure that their brain doesn’t wander off in the middle of the studying sessions. Award question asking behavior: Perhaps make a game out of it by challenging them to ask a certain amount of relevant questions throughout each session.
  • Sleep and exercise. To get the optimal results from your studying process, make sure your child gets the right amount of sleep and exercise to remain focused and rejuvenated: Set a bed time, and always encourage your child to go out and play on their break, and not just sit on the couch.
  • Practice with actual practice tests. While the MAP and CogAT may share certain similarities, they are still extremely different tests. Making sure your child is used to the testing structure and time constraints of each test is vital for making sure that your child is not taken aback by anything on test day, and that his or her testing anxiety remains at ease. Try our 2nd Grade MAP & CogAT Bundle Pack, which includes plenty of practice tests for you and your child to work through.

Preparing with the 2nd Grade CogAT & MAP Bundle Pack

Our 2nd Grade MAP & CogAT Bundle Pack comes armed with all our 2nd Grade MAP & CogAT material, including practice tests, sample questions, detailed question and answer explanations, and full section-specific tests. Start practicing now, and help your child feel confident and prepared come test day!

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