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Derek (aged 10)
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What is the 5th Grade CogAT Test?

The 5th Grade CogAT Test (Cognitive Abilities Test), also known as the CogAT Form 7 Level 11 Test, is a gifted student assessment used throughout the United States to determine qualification for gifted and talented programs.
For accurate assessment, the CogAT Exam results are provided in the form of raw scores, universal scale scores, percentile ranks, and stanine scores (Read more about CogAT scoring).

The CogAT Form 7 Level 11 has three sections: quantitative, verbal, and nonverbal.

What is the 5th Grade NWEA MAP Test?

The 5th Grade MAP Test is an assessment test originally designed to determine a child’s academic progress and level throughout the school years. The 5th Grade MAP Test has three sections: language usage, reading, and math.

Scores given to the students after the exam are based on the Rasch Unit Scale, which measures a child’s score by comparing it to his or her past scores (Read more about MAP scoring).

5th Grade CogAT & NWEA MAP English Sections

CogAT Verbal
MAP Reading, Language Usage

5th Grade CogAT Verbal

Verbal analogies- identify the logic of one pair of words, and apply it to an incomplete pair of words
Verbal classification-complete a series of words by choosing an option that most conforms to the pattern
Sentence completion- completing blanks in a sentence with most appropriate answer option

5th Grade MAP Language Usage

Writing Strategy Questions- focus on the prewriting stage, including drafting and editing a written piece
Writing application & style questions- demonstrate understanding of composition forms, respond with correct use of writing
Mechanics questions- demonstrate correct use of punctuation.

5th Grade MAP Reading

Informational text questions- identify main topic, describe the purpose of a given component within the paragraph, determine whether specific statements are true or false, sequence chain of events according to text
Foundational skills and vocabulary- word recognition, word relationships, and phonics
Literature- identify character in text, identify purpose of the author, spot and determine key elements within the plot

5th Grade CogAT & NWEA MAP Mathematics Sections

CogAT nonverbal, quantitative
MAP math

5th Grade CogAT Nonverbal

Figure Matrices- determine relationship between two boxes and apply it to complete another pair of given boxes
Paper folding- determine what a paper with a certain pattern will look like when folded in a specific way
Figure classification- complete the missing shape in a sequence by spotting the pattern in the earlier shapes

5th Grade CogAT Quantitative

Number series- complete a series of numbers by completing the missing quantity
Number puzzles- complete an equation with the missing quantity to make both equations presented equal to each other
Number analogies- complete a missing number in a pair of numbers by applying the same logic found in another given pair of numbers

5th Grade MAP Math

Since the MAP Test is aligned with the Common Core, questions are typically based on mathematical concepts covered in that grade, under topics such as algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability, measurement, and problem-solving, reasoning, and proof.

MAP & CogAT Prep Tips

  • Schedule time to study. Maintaining a routine for your child’s studying process will not only kick your child’s mind into gear, but also decrease the likelihood of him or her refusing to study, as it will already be part of the day-to-day tasks.
  • Base studying sessions on topics, not just tests. If you are preparing for the MAP and CogAT simultaneously, we recommend making studying sessions not just test-specific but also category-specific. This is because your child may be struggling with a specific topic rather than a specific test.

  • Schedule in breaks. Make sure your child has regular breaks to help him or her stay refreshed and ready to process new information.
  • Add variety. Your child may get bored in the studying process- it’s hard to avoid. So, we recommend keeping the process more fun by sprinkling in some unconventional tactics to learn reading and math- for example, cake baking for measurements, movie watching for new vocabulary
  • Keep your child healthy. The brain needs power to get all that new information in. Make sure to add plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and protein sources such as eggs and fish to help keep your child ready for action.

Prep your student with the 5th Grade MAP & CogAT Bundle Pack!

Getting your child into a gifted program is not easy, especially today, as programs are becoming more and more competitive. Proper preparation is therefore vital for ensuring not only your child’s qualification for these programs, but also his or her acceptance and continued success.

So why prepare with our MAP & CogAT Bundle Pack? By Preparing with our bundle pack for CogAT 5th Grade and MAP 5th Grade you are ensuring doubling the preparation quality as well as his or her chances of success, as the CogAT & MAP tests for 5th Grade are both used all over the United States, and often even side by side.

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