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Worth it. My son was taking the CogAT Level 5/6 for school and with help from the practice tests, he scored well and was able to get into the county's gifted program. Thank you so much.
I used the LSAT practice material. It helped improve my technique a lot.
We used the NNAT practice pack. The NNAT examples helped him what to expect on the test...and he got into the gifted program!
The OLSAT for Level C practice pack was very helpful. My child was encouraged to do these sample tests.
I got the TEAS practice tests. Your practice test questions are actually very similar to those in the ‘real’ tests.

What Are Florida’s End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments?

Florida offers six End-of-Course (EOC) assessments.

EOC Math subjects are assessed against Florida Standards and are considered Florida Standards Assessments (FSAs). There are three FSA EOC assessments:

  • FSA EOC Algebra 1
  • FSA EOC Algebra 2
  • FSA EOC Geometry

EOC Science and Social Science subjects are assessed against the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).

There is one EOC Science assessment:

  • NGSSS EOC Biology 1

There are two EOC Social Science assessments:

  • NGSSS EOC U.S. History
  • NGSSS EOC Civics

Note that NGSSS Algebra 1 Retake EOC assessments are still available to students who participated in the course prior to fall 2014 and who need to pass the course to attain a Florida high school diploma.

How Long Are EOC Assessments?

All EOC assessments are computer-based tests. If a student does not finish any of the FSA or NGSSS EOC assessments within the designated times for the exams, he or she may continue to work on the assessment. The extra time given amounts to up to half the length of a typical school day.

  • NGSSS EOC assessments (Biology 1, U.S. History, and Civics) are administered in a single 160-minute session.
  • FSA EOC assessments (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry) are administered in two 90-minute sessions across two days.

For information regarding upcoming test dates, scores, and assessment rubrics, check out our FSA FAQ page.

Students taking the Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry EOC tests are required to answer up to 68 items. Students are presented with up to nine different Technology Enhanced Items. More information can be found on the FSA Math page regarding these item types.

Algebra 1 EOC Practice Test

The Algebra 1 EOC assessment can be taken by students who have completed any one of the following courses:

  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1-B
  • Pre-AICE Mathematics 1
  • IB Middle Years Program/Algebra 1 Honors

If your child is preparing for the FSA Algebra 1 EOC assessment, TestPrep-Online can help. We offer full algebra EOC practice tests featuring answer explanations, timed and step-by-step practice modes, and score reports. All these tools help enable better learning and boost confidence, as well as improve scores.

Algebra 2 EOC Practice Test

The Algebra 2 EOC assessment can be taken by students who have completed any one of the following courses:

  • Algebra 2
  • Algebra 2 Honors
  • Pre-AICE Mathematics 3 IGCSE Level
  • IB Middle Years Program Algebra 2

If your child is due to take an Algebra 2 EOC assessment, the use of practice tests can greatly enhance his or her performance and score on test day. 

Geometry EOC Practice Test

Students taking FSA EOC Geometry assessments must have completed any one of the following courses:

  • Geometry
  • Geometry Honors
  • IB Middle Years Program Geometry Honors
  • Pre-AICE Mathematics 2

Studying for the Geometry EOC assessment may seem like hard work, but with the right preparation your child can excel on their test. TestPrep-Online offers comprehensive practice packs, full of practice tools and tips. Featuring expansive answer explanations to assist with your Geometry EOC review, our practice packs can unravel and explain even the most complicated of subjects. Support your student throughout the preparation process, and see which products are available to help your child succeed on his or her FSA Geometry EOC assessment.

Biology 1 EOC Practice Test 

Students taking the Biology 1 EOC assessment can only do so once they have completed any one of the following courses:

  • Biology 1
  • Biology 1 Honors
  • Pre-AICE Biology IGCSE Level
  • Biology Technology
  • Florida’s Pre IB Biology 1
  • IB Middle Years Program Biology
  • Integrated Science 3
  • Integrated Science 3 Honors

The Biology 1 EOC assessment is administered on the computer and contains 60–66 multiple-choice items. There are three topics that students are examined on:

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology (35%)
  • Classification, Heredity, and Evolution (25%)
  • Organisms, Populations, and Ecosystems (40%)

If your child is due to take the Biology 1 EOC assessment, you can help him or her prepare with TestPrep-Online’s EOC practice pack for Biology. The pack includes a huge selection of questions in the multiple-choice format, matching the questions your child must answer on the exam. Featuring comprehensive answer explanations, our Biology 1 EOC practice test not only benchmarks your child’s performance and progress, but it also helps your child understand the material. 

U.S. History EOC Practice Test

Students must take the NGSSS U.S. History EOC assessment if they have completed any one of the following courses:

  • United States History
  • United States History Honors
  • Visions and Countervisions: Europe, U.S., and the World from 1848
  • Visions and Countervisions: Europe, U.S., and the World from 1848 Honors

The above courses cover topics of United States history, geography, and humanities. Course materials focus on American history from the era of Reconstruction to the present day. Students are exposed to and must engage with economic, sociological, political, geographical, and historical concepts and events that are claimed to influence both American and world history. As most students taking the EOC U.S. History assessment have completed a K–8 education, students are expected to use mathematical tables, charts, and graphs to create, interpret, and draw conclusions with visual representations of historical events.

Students are tested on 50–60 multiple-choice items grouped into three topics on the exam:

  • Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century, 1860–1910 (33%)
  • Global Military, Political, and Economic Challenges, 1890–1940 (34%)
  • The United States and the Defense of the International Peace, 1940–Present (33%)

If your child is due to be assessed with an EOC U.S. History test, begin preparing now with TestPrep-Online’s EOC materials. Featuring easy-to-use and easily accessible computer-based practice tests, students can improve their familiarity with test questions and the assessment format. Our EOC U.S. History practice pack is full of questions, answers, explanations, and study guides to help your child prepare and pass his or her assessment.

Civics EOC Practice Test 

Students due to take the Civics EOC assessment must have completed any one of the following courses:

  • M/J Civics (version 1)
  • M/J Civics (version 2)
  • M/J Civics & Career Planning
  • M/J Civics, Advanced (version 1)
  • M/J Civics, Advanced (version 2)
  • M/J Civics, Advanced & Career Planning
  • M/J Civics and Digital Technologies
  • M/J U.S. History & Civics
  • M/J IB Middle Years Program Civics Advanced
  • M/J IB Middle Years Program Civics Advanced & Career Planning

These courses are taken by students from 6th to 8th grade, and most of them relate to the political sciences. The M/J U.S. History & Civics course covers American and western hemispheric histories.

Students taking the Civics EOC assessment answer 52–56 multiple choice items spread across four topics. Each topic is worth 25% of the final score.

  • Origins and Purposes of Law and Government
  • Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • Government Policies and Political Processes
  • Organization and Function of Government

TestPrep-Online offers practice packs designed to assist your child with his or her Civics EOC review and exam preparation. Our packs include step-by-step and timed practice modes, questions and answers, and detailed explanations. The packs also feature a Civics EOC study guide to assist students with the planning and execution of their test prep. We help students across America perform better on test day. Sign up now to see how we can help your child with his or her NGSSS EOC Civics assessment. 

EOC Practice Packs

TestPrep-Online is a leading e-learning services provider, helping thousands of students and graduates to do better on their tests. For the FSA EOC assessments, we will soon offer specific, online practice packs designed to help your child feel confident with relevant testing material, and come to the day of the test at ease, and ready to succeed. Sign up and start preparing for the EOC tests today.

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