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About the ITBS Subtests

The ITBS test is made up of a series of subtests, which vary between the different levels. Each subtest measures a different skill, and varies in number of questions and administration time. The ITBS test may be administered in its entirety, or broken into a select number of subtests.

The number of subtests on the ITBS test varies, depending level of the test.

ITBS levels 5-6 subtests

  • Vocabulary
  • Word Analysis
  • Listening
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Reading: Words (Level 6 only)
  • Reading: Comprehension (Level 6 only)

The following question is a Level 5 Language question and is typically administered to children in kindergarten.


Mark the column that has a fruit that grows on a vine in the top of the column and a fruit that is a type of berry at the bottom of the column.

ITBS Sample Question


The correct answer is D. The fourth option is the only option which adheres to the properties mentioned above. Grapes are a type of fruit which grow on vines and strawberries are a type of berry. In the fourth option, the grapes are located at the beginning of the column and the berries are located at the end of the column.

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ITBS levels 7-8 subtests

  • Vocabulary
  • Word Analysis
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Spelling
  • Language
  • Mathematics Concepts
  • Mathematics Problems
  • Mathematics Computation
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Sources of Information

Math Concepts
The following question is a Level 8 Math Concepts question and is typically administered to children in 2nd grade.


The picture on the left shows that for every three birds there is always one cage. Mark the picture that shows how many more birds and cages need to be added for a total of 15 birds.

ITBS Sample Question

There are a total of 9 birds and 3 cages in the first picture.
For every 3 birds, there is 1 birdcage.
Subtract 9 from 15 to see how many more birds are needed: 15-9=6.

For every 3 birds there is 1 cage. Because there are 6 more bird, 2 more birdcages are needed.

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ITBS levels 9-14 subtests

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Word Analysis (Level 9 only)
  • Listening (Level 9 only)
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Usage and Expression
  • Math Concepts and Estimation
  • Math Problem Solving and Data Interpretation
  • Math Computation
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Maps and Diagrams
  • Reference Materials

The following question is a Level 14 Vocabulary question and is typically administered to children in 8th grade.


Choose the word that is the closest in meaning to underlined word above it.

The hostile neighbor

A. Congenial
B. Hospitable
C. Deceitful
D. Unfriendly

The correct answer is D, Unfriendly.
The word hostile means not friendly, antagonistic, it is related or characteristic of an enemy. Therefore the closest word is unfriendly (D).
(A) is incorrect because congenial is agreeable and pleasant. This is the opposite of hostile.
(B) is incorrect because hospitable may sound like hostile, but it means welcoming and warm to strangers and guests. This is the opposite of hostile.
(C) is incorrect because deceitful is misleading others, or dishonest. This is not same meaning as hostile.

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