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About Johns Hopkins CTY Summer Program in Greece

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth offers summer programs for gifted students in Greece. Programs are held at Anatolia College, Thessaloniki, and follow a similar model to that of the CTY's U.S. summer camps. Programs are offered in three formats. For young students in grades 3-6, a day program is available, with courses and activities all held in Greek. Older students in grades 7-11 attend either a day or a residential program, conducted entirely in English. For both day and residential programs, students choose one immersive course to focus on for the duration of the three week program, in either a science or humanities subject. 

Johns Hopkins CTY Greece Program Testing 

In order to enroll in CTY Greece programs, all students are required to take entrance exams which are administered in various cities in Greece. Students usually take the School and College Ability Test (SCAT). To register for the test, parents need to create an account on the CTY Greece website, where they can also view students' scores and apply online to any CTY program for which students are eligible. 

Prepare for the SCAT

In order to be eligible for CTY Summer Programs in Greece students must score in the top percentiles on the SCAT. To help students perform to their highest ability on the test, it is important to give them the right tools and ensure they prepare well in advance. TestPrep-Online offers level specific and friendly prep-packs for all grades, that can help students relieve test anxiety, increase their skills and familiarize themselves with test questions. To start preparing today and access hundreds of sample questions, check out our SCAT page.  

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