I have improved my scores greatly. Your study guides are very helpful and before each test you take I would recommend everyone to go over the guides first. I take this approach for every test and my scores increase everyday.
My son was preparing for the NNAT test. We really liked it! It was easy to use and helped us a lot. Some of the questions were easy for my son, while for other questions he really had to think. It was a good combination.
The product was fun, child friendly and truly enjoyable. My son especially liked the the bright visuals, ease of use, and the timer that helps him track his progress.
The test at school (NNAT) was easier than the questions on the website. I knew my answers were correct for all the questions except for two of them that I found somewhat confusing. I had a lot of fun doing the test!
I'm happy to report that my 3rd grade niece took her SCAT test and passed the quantitative math portion with flying colors - 44 of 50 correct! Your test preps were a huge help.

About Johns Hopkins CTY Summer Programs in the U.S.

CTY's summer programs serve thousands of students from all 50 states and from countries around the world. CTY students come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. The aim of the program is to provide gifted and talented students with the optimal educational environment to grow and advance both on an academic and personal level.

The summer program offers students an intensive course that meets every weekday, and allows students to focus intensively on an area of academic interest. The courses are typically fast paced and designed to challenge the most advanced and talented young learners. The program also gives gifted students the opportunity to meet peers who share their exceptional talents and interests.

For grades 2-4, the CTY offers summer day programs for qualified students in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and New York City, as well as in La Jolla and Portola Valley, California. For these grade levels, the CTY also offers one-week courses at the Baltimore and Sandy Spring sites in Maryland, the Alexandria site in Virginia, and the La Jolla site in California. One week courses have a maximum of 14 students, making placement limited and competitive.

For grades 5-6, CTY offers both a day program and a residential program. The residential program is available in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and California. Students live on campus with CTY staff members and participate in various weekend activities. Day sites for 5-6 graders are located in the Baltimore area, in New York City and in La Jolla and Portola Valley, California. Residential programs are offered in a 3 week single course format.

Admission to CTY Summer Program

To enroll your child in CTY Summer Programs you must first apply through the Center's Talent Search. Applications are submitted online on the CTY website or by requesting a paper application. Once you apply, you will receive information regarding testing options relevant to your child's grade level. Students in grades 2-6 are usually invited to take the CTY administered SCAT. Once testing is completed, the CTY will send you information regarding your child's scores and eligibility for various JHU programs.

SCAT Scores

To qualify for the CTY U.S. Summer Programs, students must achieve the following scores on the SCAT:

For Science and Math Courses

Grade at Test Day SCAT Quantitative Score
2 > 435
3 > 440
4 > 450
5 > 470
6 > 485

For Humanities and Writing Courses:

Grade at Test Day SCAT Verbal Score

> 430

3 > 435
4 > 440
5 > 455
6 > 465

Prepare for the SCAT

Want to help your child ace the SCAT and gain access to CTY Summer Programs? To help students do well on this important test it is vital to give them access to the right practice materials well ahead of test day. TestPrep-Online's SCAT packs offer child-friendly and level specific materials that will give your child the best tools to score within the required range on the SCAT. To start today and gain access to hundreds of test questions check out our SCAT page.

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