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4th Grade CogAT & MAP- Overview

The CogAT Form 7 & the NWEA MAP are nationally recognized exams used throughout out the United States by a variety of schools. Preparing your 4th Grader for each of the exams can have a significant impact on his or her future.

4th Grade CogAT

The 4th Grade CogAT is used directly as a gifted and talented assessment. Many gifted and talented programs and private establishments require a specific CogAT score from the student in order for them to even be considered. As the competition for these programs increases, so does the necessary CogAT score for acceptance.

4th Grade MAP

The 4th Grade MAP is used as a manner to pinpoint a child’s personal academic progress as well as their skill level compared to other students in their age group or grade level. A high score on the MAP can also be beneficial when applying for gifted programs, as many consider these scores as well. In addition, if your child is at risk of not continuing to the next grade level, a good MAP score can compensate for lacking performance.

4th Grade CogAT: Sections & Explanations

The CogAT Form 7 is divided into batteries, including verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative. While there is some reading included on the CogAT the vast majority of it is not reading or writing based, but rather reasoning based.

4th Grade CogAT Verbal Battery: sentence completion, picture/verbal classifications, picture/verbal analogies
4th Grade CogAT Nonverbal Battery: figure matrices, paper folding, figure classifications
4th Grade CogAT Quantitative Battery: number analogies, number puzzles, number series

4th Grade MAP: Sections & Explanations

4th Grade MAP Language Usage Section: grammar usage, writing application & mechanics
4th Grade MAP Reading Section: vocabulary usage, reading comprehension
4th Grade MAP Math Section: usage of mathematical concepts aligned with the Common Core for 4th Grade

Tips for Preparing for the 4th Grade CogAT & MAP Tests

  • Use sample tests as a starting point. Taking a couple of quick sample tests can be a great way to gauge your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, and better understand where to begin practicing. TestPrep-Online offers free sample tests for MAP and CogAT to help you do just that.


  • Prioritize, then plan. Once you’ve taken a sample test for each exam, it will be much easier for you to know where to begin in your studying process. If, for instance, your fourth grader found the math questions far more challenging than the language-based questions, you may want to schedule prepping for the math sections of each exam first, and saving the easier material for later.
  • Start early, finish early. We recommend implementing an early start for your studying sessions. Studies show that the brain is most focused during the early hours and least focused during the later hours. Therefore, we also recommend finishing the studying sessions earlier as well- preferably before dinner- so that your child can have a chance to rest and recharge before the next day.
  • Eat well, sleep well. Help your child remain in the optimal condition for learning by making sure they receive the right amount of sleep and nutrients. A healthy diet and sleep schedule can both sharpen your child’s focusing skills and maintain them.
  • Get a teacher’s perspective. Your child’s teachers and instructors are likely to have a better understanding of your child’s academic performance, including strengths, weaknesses and, learning style. They may even be able to provide you with past assignments your child has completed. All of this can act as a leg-up in the prepping process.

 Are You a Teacher?

  • Find out what type of learner your child is. Does your child learn best through sight, sound, or touch? It may be worthwhile finding out before beginning to study- it’s a great way to optimize the revision process and keep your child focused. Perhaps give a learning style quiz a go.
  • Incorporate learning into day to day activities. Don’t just rely on your studying sessions for learning: The whole day is an opportunity to learn! Help your child sharpen their vocabulary through incorporating new words into your conversation, help your child sharpen their math skills by playing relevant board games.
  • Learn with positivity. Attitude is contagious, so make sure yours is worth catching. Stay positive about learning, and your child will, too.
  • Take breaks. Endless focus does not exist; make sure to incorporate regular short and long breaks so that your child has time to refresh, recharge, and refocus properly.
  • Practice with practice tests. When preparing for any test, nothing beats hands-on experience. Practicing with practice test will ensure that your child is familiar with both the content and format. TestPrep-Online’s 4th Grade CogAT & MAP Bundle comes equipped with practice tests designed to replicate the original exam in terms of content, question formation, structure, and time.

Prepping for the 4th Grade CogAT & MAP with TestPrep-Online

TestPrep-Online’s CogAT & MAP Bundle Packs include section-specific practice tests, detailed explanations, and study guides for each of the exams, plus an opportunity to practice with a 12-month license upon purchasing. Start practicing today!

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