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College Admissions English Test Practice 2018

Begin your preparation for your upcoming English test. With TestPrep-Online's College Admissions English Pack, you can cover your basics and master tests on synonyms, spelling, and vocabulary. Start preparing today!

The pack includes:
401 questions covering the following topics:
  • Antonyms (25 questions)
  • Synonyms (61 questions)
  • Vocabulary (15 questions)
  • Word analogy (32 questions)
  • Punctuation and capitalization (32 questions)
  • Restatements practice (36 questions)
  • Sentence completion (118 questions)
  • Spelling (42 questions)
  • Written communications (40 questions)
  • 2 back-to-basics English grammar study guides
  • Answers with detailed explanations
  • Personalized score reports
  • Secured payment & immediate online access

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What Is In an English Placement Test?

A typical English assessment test aims to measure your use of the English language. Most tests will include a variety question forms. English assessment questions may include sentence completion, vocabulary ability, rephrasing, synonym recognition, and antonym recognition.

Regardless of what forms of questions you get on an English assessment test, it is important to do well, as this section plays a major role in determining whether or not you have the ability to express thoughts and ideas in both an academic and professional manner.

English Writing Placement Test Practice Tips

Read carefully. Remember: English assessment questions are designed to test your use of English as well as your understanding. Very often, a quick glance on a question leads to misunderstanding what it is you are being asked to do.

Look up words you don't understand. During the English assessment test, you are almost certain to come across some form of vocabulary questions. The beauty of vocabulary is that you can practice it on an everyday basis- just keep an eye out for unfamiliar words, and look them up.

Practice with sample questions! The best way to prepare for any form of testing is with questions based on that material. With our generic English practice pack, you can prepare with a variety of English writing practice questions.

English Placement Test Practice

Within almost any academic application process in America, there is an English writing placement test. A strong grade on an English assessment test can mean direct qualification for specific courses, and, consequentially, a faster journey towards your academic and career-based goals.

To help you get a strong score, TestPrep-Online offers practice tools specifically designed to cover all relevant exam material. With hundreds of questions and detailed explanations to practice with, you are guaranteed to feel more confident, and more prepared.

Got math and reading comprehension tests coming up too? Get our Basic Bundle Pack with over 1,200 questions and start improving your score today!

English Assessment Test Practice with TestPrep-Online

It is highly recommended to come prepared for any form of English placement testing. Practice will ensure comfort with the material, and will increase your confidence to the level needed to succeed.

TestPrep-Online now offers a Basic English practice pack, covering almost any type of question you can expect on an English assessment test. With English writing placement practice tests, questions, and guides, you are sure to feel confident expressing yourself in a clear, academic manner.

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