I used the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test pack. The preparation pack was very helpful. It helped me understand the format and style of the WBST which we had never sat before. The explanations after every question were very helpful, as well as the timed tests. A great resource!
I got the ACCUPLACER pack. I found TestPrep-Online’s preparation pack very helpful. The questions and study guides are great. I found that the explanations and solving tips really helped me to learn the material and improve my score.
I used the LSAT practice material. It helped improve my technique a lot.
I used the GMAT prep. It's almost standing in one line with formal GMAT simulations.

English & Math Test Prep

Many students find themselves having to prepare for a college admissions or placement test without being given information about it. Though various tests have different formats and emphases, all tests focus on the same skills that are essential for college readiness. No matter what test you end up taking, chances are it will include math and English sections. Brushing up on basic math, reading, and writing skills is an excellent way to prepare in advance and become confident with material you can expect to be tested on. Keep reading to find out how TestPrep-Online’s collection of Basic Packs can help you prepare for any standardized assessment, placement test, or admissions exam coming your way!

What to Expect on Standardized Placement Tests

This form of testing is designed to evaluate your reading, writing, and math skills, in order to determine whether they are at the level needed for the program you are applying for. Though every test is different, certain features remain the same. The tests are often timed, and either are multiple-choice or feature short answer questions. While styles of tests differ, the basic material is very similar.

Improving your confidence and ability to work under stressful test conditions can result in an improved test score. Begin practicing with our Basic Bundle pack now, to get access to questions for math, English, and reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension Testing

Reading comprehension tests tend to be based on both large and small passages. The questions are designed to test not only your vocabulary, but also your analytical and deduction skills. The best way to prepare is by practicing with sample reading comprehension passages and questions.

Writing Testing

Writing-based sections test your grammar, vocabulary, and written communication. It is important to demonstrate an ability to express yourself in an academic manner. This test is best prepared for by practicing with the different types of questions you can expect, as well as learning the foundations of English such as basic grammar rules and strong vocabulary skills. Our English questions also cover synonyms, antonyms, and sentence completion, to name a few topics. Learning these topics will help you develop skills as a close reader, clear writer, and critical thinker that are essential for success in a wide range of academic fields and careers.

Math Testing

On the math section of a standardized test, you won’t find large all-encompassing equations to work through. The questions are not designed to challenge a specific area of your knowledge in mathematics, but rather to assess mathematical ability as a whole. The math questions are often based on previous knowledge you have accumulated either in high school or even middle school. The best way to prepare is through review, as information such as this can easily be forgotten without consistent practice.

Tips for Standardized Placement Tests

  • Study testing strategies. It may seem odd, but it is not enough to know what is on the test; you also have to know how to take it. By learning about certain features of the test, you can better learn how to answer the questions
  • Practice with practice tests. Practice tests will give you a feel for the material, as well as a feel for the testing process. It is also recommended to set yourself a timer, and to replicate the testing atmosphere as much as possible.
  • Stay calm. Being tested can be nerve-wrecking, but nerves won’t get you the right answers. Help yourself overcome any mental blocks by using our Basic Bundle Pack to cover all the material. Our Basic Bundle Pack contain a variety of practice tests, making it easier for you to feel more comfortable with the testing format, and more at ease on test day.
  • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. A rested body is a rested mind. No matter what test you are taking, it is always best to come rested and prepared.

Preparing for English & Math Testing

Preparation through practice is key to advancement. Whether you have a test coming your way, or you simply want to brush up on skills just in case, familiarity with the expected material is necessary. Practice tests, questions, and explanations are an effective way to determine your level of knowledge, and track your progress.

TestPrep-Online offers a collection of basic packs with material that is relevant to almost any form of standardized and placement testing. With each of the three packs–Basic Math, Basic Reading Comprehension, and Basic English–combined, you will have the opportunity to practice with hundreds of questions, and gain insight to answers with hundreds of explanations.


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