I got the Wonderlic SLE prep and I have to say, you guys are doing a good job. The pack was very helpful. Thanks.
I used the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test pack. The preparation pack was very helpful. It helped me understand the format and style of the WBST which we had never sat before. The explanations after every question were very helpful, as well as the timed tests. A great resource!
I got the TEAS practice tests. Your practice test questions are actually very similar to those in the ‘real’ tests.
I got the TEAS tests. I found this website to be very helpful. The practice tests are almost identical to the real test; they have helped me a lot in studying.
I'm happy to report that my 3rd grade niece took her SCAT test and passed the quantitative math portion with flying colors - 44 of 50 correct! Your test preps were a huge help.

What is a Math Assessment Test?

Math Assessment Tests play a major role in determining your future academic success. This form of testing evaluates your knowledge of the mathematical concepts you were taught in the past, and determines which mathematical courses you will take in the future. Success on a math assessment test can help you get accepted to the college or university of your choice. Once you are accepted, a strong score can potentially help you save time and money by placing out of remedial or introductory level math classes.

Even if you were a strong math student in the past, it is still highly recommended to review what you have learned prior to taking a math assessment test, since any form of knowledge needs refreshing in order to be maintained. Students often find that material they learned months or even years ago comes back to them relatively quickly once they start practicing.

To help you maximize your knowledge of past material, TestPrep-Online offers math study guides and questions for reviewing every math concept to be expected on a typical math assessment exam. You can learn and review concepts from the study guides and then practice the material in a setting that closely mimics a real Math Assessment Test. The pack includes solutions an detailed explanations for every question, empowering you to improve continuously.

What to Expect on a Math Assessment Test

Math assessments vary from state to state, and from purpose to purpose. Some common purposes of Math Assessment Tests are:

  • Assessing progress in the middle of a high school, college, or university program
  • Evaluating applicants for a college, university, special program, or scholarship
  • Placing students into math classes at the level that's right for them

However, certain features remain the same. Here is a list of traits you can most likely expect on a math examination:

  • A typical math assessment test will cover pre-algebra and arithmetic skills
  • Algebra assessment is given as a separate portion of the test
  • Today most math CTAs are completed on a computer and are untimed
  • Three levels of testing can be expected on these tests including basic skills (sequence of math operations), application (applying basic functions to the appropriate problems), analysis (understanding ratios and complex functions)

Try to learn all you can about the assessment you'll be taking. What material will be covered? What question types will appear? Is there a time limit,and if so, how long? Learn more about which type of skills each section evaluates below:

Basic Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra Skills (Acts as prerequisite for Algebra 101)

  • Averages
  • Ratios
  • Percentages
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Integers
  • Integer Exponents and Square Roots


  • Elementary Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Intermediate Algebra

Assessment Test Practice for Math

Preparing for the math placement test can save both time and money. A high score on a math assessment can mean qualification for intermediate math courses, and an opportunity to skip entry courses, giving you the chance to complete your credits necessary to graduate faster Preparation can also act as a way of challenging yourself, and recognizing where your skills actually lie. Our general math practice pack offers a variety of material to help you prepare. Got tests in English and reading comprehension coming up too? Get the English, Reading Comprehension, & Math Practice Pack for over 1,200 practice questions.

Math Placement Test Prep

Getting ready for a math assessment exam? For community colleges, universities, and other academic institutions, a math assessment is the most efficient way to determine course levels of an incoming student. For this reason, preparation and review of mathematical knowledge are highly recommended. Use TestPrep-Online's general math practice pack to prepare. Our pack is specifically designed to refresh, review, and imprint the mathematical concepts necessary for academic success. All practice tests simulate actual test conditions and as soon as a test ends, a detailed score report, with detailed explanations regarding each and every question, is provided and enables you to review your performance on the test.

What Our Math Practice Pack Includes

  • Practice material covering arithmetic, decimals, equations, estimations and measurement, formulas, four operations, fractions, and geometry
  • 25 college assessment practice tests
  • 8 math study guides
  • Over 400 math placement test practice questions
  • Detailed solutions and explanations for all practice questions
  • Online accessibility and friendly customer support

Start practicing with TestPrep-Online today anytime, anywhere, on any device, at your convenience! 

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