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College Admissions Math Exam Practice 2018

Start preparing for any upcoming math test with our College Admissions Math Pack. Whether you need to prep for a math placement test, end of year test, or admissions exam, TestPrep-Online has got you covered. Improve upon topics like algebra, math word problems, arithmetic, and decimals. Start today!

The pack includes:
467 questions covering the following topics:
  • Algebra (45 questions)
  • Algebraic equations (25 questions)
  • Calculating areas and perimeters (35 questions)
  • Math word problems (133 questions)
  • Number series (58 questions)
  • Numerical reasoning (146 questions)
  • Trigonometry (25 questions)
  • 8 math study guides covering: arithmetic, decimals, equations, estimations & measurement, formulas, four operations, fractions, and geometry
  • Answers with detailed explanations
  • Personalized score reports
  • Secured payment & immediate online access

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What is a Math Assessment Test?

Math assessment tests play a major role in determining your future academic success. This form of testing evaluates your knowledge of the mathematical concepts you were taught in the past, and determines which mathematical courses you will take in the future.

Even if you were a strong math student in the past, it is still highly recommended to revise what you have learned prior to taking a math assessment test, since any form of knowledge needs refreshing in order to be maintained.

To help you maximize your knowledge of past material, TestPrep-Online offers math study guides and questions for revising every math concept to be expected on a typical math assessment exam.

What to Expect on a Math Assessment Test

Math assessments vary from state to state, and from purpose to purpose. However, certain features remain the same. Here is a list of traits you can most likely expect on a math examination:
  • A typical math assessment test will cover pre-algebra and arithmetic skills
  • Algebra assessment is given as a separate portion of the test
  • Today most math CTAs are completed on a computer and are untimed
  • Three levels of testing can be expected on these tests including basic skills (sequence of math operations), application (applying basic functions to the appropriate problems), analysis (understanding ratios and complex functions)
Learn more about which type of skills each section evaluates below:

Basic Arithmetic and Pre- Algebra Skills (Acts as prerequisite for Algebra 101)

  • Averages
  • Ratios
  • Percentages
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Integers
  • Integer Exponents and Square Roots


  • Elementary Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Intermediate Algebra

Assessment Test Practice for Math

Preparing for the math placement test can save both time and money. A high score on a math assessment can mean qualification for intermediate math courses, and an opportunity to skip entry courses, giving you the chance to complete your credits necessary to graduate quicker. Preparation can also act as a way of challenging yourself, and recognizing where your skills actually lie. Our basic math practice pack offers a variety of material to help you prepare. Got tests in English and reading comprehension coming up too? Get the College Admissions Premium Bundle with over 1,200 practice questions.

Math Placement Test Prep

Getting ready for a math assessment exam? For community colleges, universities, and other academic establishments, a math assessment is the most efficient way to determine course levels of an incoming student. For this reason, preparation and revision of mathematical knowledge is highly recommended. Use TestPrep-Online's generic math practice pack to prepare. Our pack is specifically designed to revise, refresh, and imprint the mathematical concepts necessary for academic success.

What Our Math Practice Pack Includes:

  • Practice material covering arithmetic, decimals, equations, estimations and measurement, formulas, four operations, fractions, and geometry
  • 25 college assessment practice tests
  • 8 math study guides
  • Over 400 math placement test practice questions
  • Online accessibility and friendly customer support

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