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Sample Questions

Below you will find sample questions for each of the five TASC subtests: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


Read this paragraph from the text.
Note: On the actual test you will receive a long text with several follow-up questions.

Law Professor Eric Posner contends that online shaming occurs without due process. People broadcast their gut reaction to the whole world, harshly and often disproportionately. All the while, author Jon Ronson claims, we do not feel responsible for the destruction, since "a snowflake doesn’t need to feel responsible for an avalanche."

The author uses Ronson's quote, "a snowflake doesn’t need to feel responsible for an avalanche," to convey the message that:

  1. Shamers' legal accountability for the destruction in the target's life is limited.
  2. Though shamers believe they are not responsible for the destruction, they are.
  3. Shamers are not responsible at all for the destruction as they do not act alone.
  4. Shamers are only partially responsible for the harm as they help deliver justice.

The correct answer is (B).

Answer (B) is the best answer because the quote reflects an individual shamer's sense of freedom from responsibility, since he or she is only a small part of a large group engaged in shaming. However, the sentence opens with the words "all the while," thus implying contrast. In other words, while people cause great damage, they avoid feeling responsible for it. Answer (A) is incorrect because the author does not refer to the shamers' legal accountability. Answer (C) is incorrect because it expresses the meaning of the saying itself, while the author uses it to convey its opposite.
Answer (D) is incorrect because this is not an idea that appears in the paragraph.


Which of these sentences includes a misspelled word?

  1. Lucy ran into an old acquaintance at the grocery store while picking out organic vegetables.
  2. He told her about his choreography career and his extended travels throughout Europe in the last decade, striving to work with the most renowned dancers overseas.
  3. Lucy told him about her new challenging position at an accounting firm adjacent to the industrial park on the southeast of the city.
  4. She said she could not concieve of leading such an eventful life, yet she promised to come watch his new ballet performance at the local theater.

The correct answer is (D).

The word concieve should be spelled conceive according to the famous spelling rule “i before e except after c.” As opposed to most words in which the letter i must precede the letter e, e must precede i when these two letters follow the letter c.


What is the solution to the following equation?

TASC Math Sample Question

The correct answer is (C).

Before solving the equation, simplify as much as possible. First, expand the parentheses on the left-hand side of the equation, using the distributive property of the parentheses to multiply across: 
TASC Math Sample Question.

Rewrite both sides of the equation together now:
TASC Math Question Explanation

Multiply both sides by 2 to get rid of the fraction: 
Free TASC Math Question Explanation

If you move the numbers to one side and the variables to the other side, you get 40 = 9𝑥, which is the same as 9𝑥 = 40.

Thus, TASC Math Answer

For more TASC Math practice and information, visit our TASC Math page


What do proteins and DNA have in common?

  1. Both are translated from RNA.
  2. Both are composed of building blocks.
  3. Both reflect the full sequence of a gene.
  4. Both are catalytic molecules.

The correct answer is (B).

The building blocks of DNA are nucleotides, and those of proteins are amino acids.

Answer (A) is incorrect as only proteins are translated from messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules; DNA is replicated from a previous DNA molecule.
Answer (C) is incorrect as only DNA carries the complete sequence of a gene; after transcription to RNA, the sequence undergoes splicing and the new sequence that is translated to protein consists only of the exons.
Answer (D) is incorrect as proteins (and some RNA molecules) can be catalytic molecules (called “enzymes”); DNA is not a catalytic molecule.

Social Studies

Read the list in the box and answer the question that follows.

  • Hot, humid climate
  • High precipitation
  • Dense tropical rainforests
  • A rich diversity of animal and plant life

 Which geographic region is described by the list in the box?

  1. Sahara Dessert
  2. North America
  3. Southern Africa
  4. Amazon River Basin

The correct answer is (D).

This question requires you to associate certain geographic features with the appropriate region to demonstrate your knowledge of physical characteristics and the division of Earth’s surfaces into regions. You must choose an answer that presents a geographical region including all of the characteristics described by the list in the box. While most of the answer choices are related to some of the features in the list, only answer choice (D) is a geographic region that possesses all the features in the list. Therefore, the correct answer is (D). Answer (A) is incorrect because none of the characteristics in the box relate to this geographical region. Answers (B) and (C) are incorrect because dense tropical rainforests are not common in North America or Southern Africa.What Is the TASC?The TASC is a high school equivalency test that grants those who pass it a High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate. In that respect, it offers people who have not received a high school diploma or who dropped out of high school another chance to move forward with their lives and pursue better career options as well as higher education. The TASC test may be taken online or on paper.

Candidates who are not currently enrolled in or have not graduated from high school, and who are at least sixteen years of age, may be eligible to take the TASC test. Note that some states may have additional requirements determining candidates' eligibility. To learn even more about the TASC test, as well as how to navigate through it, visit our TASC Practice page.TASC ResultsTo pass the TASC exam and earn an HSE, candidates must score at least 500 on each of the subtests, as well as at least 2 out of 8 on the Writing prompt. Should a candidate fail a particular subtest, he or she may take that subtest again without having to retake the entire exam. For a more detailed explanation of TASC results and scores, visit our TASC Results page.Practice for the TASCTo succeed on the TASC test, it is important to set aside time and practice. With the help of TestPrep-Online, you can prepare with practice tests that will ensure your success on test day. Check out our complete TASC Practice page and gain access to top-notch practice packs and study guides. Get all the information and practice you need to arrive at test day feeling confident and prepared.

Still have unanswered questions? Visit our TASC FAQs page and gain learn even more about the TASC testing process.

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