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TASC Sections

The TASC test is made up of five subtests or sections, each administered separately. The five subtests comprising the TASC test are Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Each subtest can be taken in either English or Spanish, though testing times and number of items differ slightly depending on language. For a more extensive breakdown of the various subtests comprising the TASC test and for access to online TASC test practice, visit our TASC Test Practice page.

About the TASC Math Test

The TASC Math test focuses on mathematical abilities that contribute to college and career readiness. Both the English and Spanish versions are comprised of two sections: 40 multiple-choice questions on the first section and 12 gridded-response items on the second section. The two sections of the test total 105 minutes for the English version and 125 minutes for the Spanish version. Scrap paper is provided for both sections of the test, while calculator usage is permitted for only the second half of the test. For free TASC test practice and to learn more about the test's structure, visit our Free TASC Sample Questions page.

Question Types and Content

The main focus of this subtest is on mathematical reasoning skills. These reasoning skills are assessed through the following subject areas:

  • Numbers and quantities – Test takers are required to differentiate between quantity changes, prove problem solving ability, and demonstrate an understanding of rational and irrational numbers.
  • Algebra – requires the application of algebraic rules to solve linear equations as well as calculate algebraic expressions, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and polynomials.
  • Functions – Test takers are required to identify system of equations that appropriately fit into context.
  • Geometry – Test takers must demonstrate a grasp of geometric formulas as well as proportional reasoning skills. Test takers must also be able to use the graphs presented as relevant information necessary in solving the problems at hand.
  • Statistics and probability – This subject area mainly assesses quantitative reasoning skills. Test takers are required to calculate subsets and choose the subset that best fits within the question’s context.

Most of the test items are word problems that incorporate real-life scenarios and require multi-step problem solving. There are also a number of diagrams and graphs that require interpretation in order to adequately respond to questions. For top-notch TASC prep, it is important to set aside time to review TASC study guides and practice tests. Visit our TASC Practice Test page to learn more. 

Helpful Study Strategies

The best way to prepare for the TASC Math test is to build up your mathematical ability gradually. Depending on your current level, you may choose to begin with basic math problems that acquaint you with addition and subtraction. As your skill set develops, you can move on to practicing polynomial solutions and algebra. From there, continue to work with mathematical equations and build a mastery of equation application. If you study in this manner, you will slowly achieve a readiness level that will guarantee your success. For TASC Math practice, as well as TASC test practice across all of the TASC subtests, visit our Free TASC Sample Questions page.

How Can I Prepare for the TASC Tests?

TestPrep-Online is here to help you prepare for the TASC test. With our subject-specific TASC practice tests, you can begin familiarizing yourself with test items, structure, and trends. Start practicing for the TASC today so that you arrive at test day feeling confident and prepared. 

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