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About the TASC Test

Preparing for the TASC Test

TASC Test Content and Structure

After the TASC Test

About the TASC Test

Q: What Is the TASC Test?
A: The TASC test is a high school equivalency exam made up of five subtests that align with the United States Common Core Curriculum. Similar to the GED exam, the TASC test grants you a nationally recognized High School Equivalency (HSE) Certification that will help you with college admissions as well future career opportunities. For an extensive explanation about the TASC test and all that it entails, visit our TASC Test Practice page.

Q: Who Can Take the TASC Test?
A: Anyone 16 or older who is not currently enrolled in a high school curriculum and who has never received a high school diploma is eligible to take the TASC test.

Q: Which States Recognize the TASC Test?
A: The following twelve states are in partnership with the Data Recognition Corporation| CTB and have chosen to recognize the TASC test as a (or in some cases the only) valid HSE exam:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Q: Where Can I Take the TASC Test?
A: The TASC test is widely distributed throughout its affiliated states in various test centers. Test centers include local school boards, adult education centers, and community colleges.

Q: How Do I Register to Take the TASC Test?
A: Test registration processing depends on state regulations. Most states allow for computerized testing, which requires you to create an online profile with a username and password. Once you have created a profile, you can register for a TASC test at any available test center. If your state does not provide online registration, you can register at your nearest testing center.

TASC tests are administered three times a year to ensure you can find a test date most accommodating to your schedule. For more information, check with your nearest testing location.

Preparing for the TASC Test

Q: How Can I Prepare for the TASC Test?
A: Acquainting yourself with the test's structure and content is a crucial component of your success. TestPrep-Online offers all the information you need about the test, as well as TASC practice tests and study guides to help you familiarize yourself with question types. For free sample questions, visit our Free TASC Sample Questions page.

TASC Test Content and Structure

Q: What Sections Are Included on the TASC Test?
A: The TASC test is comprised of five subtests: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each subtest is administered separately and has its own content, structure and question types. For more information about the TASC subtests, visit our TASC Test page.

Q: How Many Questions Are on the TASC Test & How Much Time Is Allotted for the Test?
A: The following table details subject area by question types and testing time:

TASC Test Items and Testing Time

Subtest Test Items Testing Time
  • 50 multiple-choice items
  • 7–8 passages
75 minutes
Writing Part 1: 50 multiple-choice items Part 2: 1 prompt (text based) Part 1: 55 minutes
Part 2: 50 minutes
Total: 105 minutes
Mathematics Part 1: 40 multiple-choice items
Part 2: 12 gridded-response items
Part 1: 55 minutes
Part 2: 50 minutes
Total: 105 minutes
  • 47 multiple-choice items
  • 8 stimuli
75 minutes
Social Studies
  • 47 multiple-choice items
  • 8 stimuli
75 minutes

After the TASC Test

Q: What Scores Do I Need to Pass?
A: Each subtest on the TASC test requires a minimum score of 500. The essay prompt section of the Writing subtest requires a minimum score of 2 out of 8.

Q: Where and When Do I Receive My TASC Results?
A: If you have registered for the TASC test with an online profile, you will receive your scores online. If you have taken a computerized version of the test, results are usually available within three hours of test completion. If you have taken a paper version of the test, results can take up to ten business days to be made available. Check with your testing center about any additional test results processing procedures.

For more details about TASC results, visit our TASC Results page.

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