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How Do I Pass the TASC Test?

Passing the TASC test guarantees your High School Equivalency (HSE) Certification. The TASC test is comprised of five subtests: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Each of these tests has its own question types, test structure, and testing time. To pass the TASC test and receive your HSE certificate, you must achieve a passing grade on each of the five subtests. To learn more about the TASC subtests and what each test entails, visit our TASC Test page.

Passing Standards

A minimum score of 500 is needed for the Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies subtests. The Writing subtest requires both a minimum score of 500 on the multiple-choice section of the test as well as a minimum of 2 out of 8 on the essay prompt.

Retesting Policy

If you do not receive a passing score on one or more of the TASC subtests, you are not required to retake the TASC test in its entirety. TASC tests are given throughout the calendar year, allowing you to sign up for an additional testing time for just the subjects that require improved scores. For more information about the testing process and testing locations, visit our TASC Test FAQs page.

Preparing for the TASC Test: How to Ensure a Passing Score

To properly prepare for the TASC tests, you must familiarize yourself with the curriculum, test structure, and questions types. Understanding the subject areas featured in each of the subtests is just the first step of this process. Next, you will need to take practice tests and gain exposure to sample questions. Test Prep-Online has the resources to help you throughout the entirety of your testing experience. With our comprehensive study guides and practice tests, you will arrive at test day feeling confident and prepared for each of the TASC subtests. Let TestPrep-Online bring you one step closer to achieving your HSE certification and a brighter future. 


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