How Is the ISEE Score Calculated?

The ISEE provides four different scores, one for each section, except for the essay portion of the test, which is evaluated by the school(s) that your child is applying to. The majority of schools take into consideration each separate score as well as the average of the four scores.

The test provides five different types of scores, each based on a different type of calculation:

ISEE Raw Score

The raw score is the amount of questions that were answered correctly. Each question answered correctly is +1 point. Neither answering a question incorrectly, nor skipping it deducts points. For example, if out of 160 questions, a child answers 125 questions correctly, skips 10, and answers 25 incorrectly, the child would have a raw score of 125.

ISEE Scaled Score

Throughout the school year, your child may take multiple versions of the ISEE test.The ISEE scaled score, which ranges within 760-940 and is applied to each of the ISEE sections, is a way to deduce a solid score while still taking into account small differences in points within your child's various test results. Regardless of which version is administered, the scaled score has the same meaning and considers these small differences, allowing the Educational Records Bureau to provide a score on the same scale for all students.

ISEE Percentile Ranking

The percentile rank is used to compare students to each other, as well as to the score norm of the same grade and age group over the three years prior to the test. This form of scoring is provided for each section of the test. For example, out of 99 percentile points, if a child scores a percentile rank of 70 on one section, this conveys that the child scored as well or better than 70% and lower than 29% of the students in the norm in the same grade and age group.

ISEE Stanine Score

The stanine score simplifies scores on a range from 1-9, with 5 as the midpoint and 9 as the highest possible score, and is also used comparatively. This score is another way to report a percentile and is derived by taking the student’s scores into nine segments, as seen in the chart below:

Stanine Score
Percentile Rank Stanine
1-3 1
4-10 2
11-22 3
23–39 4
40–59 5
60–76 6
77–88 7
89–95 8
96–99 9

ISEE Stanine Analysis

The stanine analysis allows parents to see a comparison of the child’s performance on all the sections of the ISEE test (not including the essay). 

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When Will I Receive My Child’s ISEE Scores?

Schools receive the ISEE score reports electronically as soon as the Monday following a Saturday test. Score reports for ISEE tests administered on paper may be posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. ISEE Scores from tests administered online may be posted more quickly.

Parents are able to access ISEE test scores online, if they request “Expedited Scores with Online Access” (for an additional fee). ERB sends scores via the mail to the address provided at the time of registration. The ISEE score report takes about 7-10 business days to arrive (after the test is administered).

Scores of ISEE tests taken online, either at a school or a prometric site, are posted online once the test is scored. Parents will receive an email (to the email address provided at the time of registration) to inform the parents that the ISEE scores are available (and no hard copy is sent via the mail).

ISEE Test Scores & the Admissions Process

There are many factors to consider when applying to schools, including application essays, interviews, teacher recommendations, and grades. Properly preparing for the ISEE test is an excellent way to boost your child’s chances of getting accepted to his or her program of choice. A high score on the ISEE test can lead to a greater percentile ranking, and can assist your child in standing out against other candidates. Start practicing today, and help your child reach his or her true potential!

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ISEE Test Prep

In order to succeed on the ISEE test, it is important to set aside time to prepare. TestPrep-Online offers a collection of ISEE practice packs. Each pack contains sample tests covering every ISEE section. We offer packs for both upper and middle levels.

Help your child start preparing for the ISEE so she or he can be confident and ready to succeed on the day of the test. 

Click here for free ISEE Sample Questions

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