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Learn how the ITBS test is scored and how to interpret your scores. TestPrep-Online can help your child improve his/her ITBS score with online test prep.
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How Are ITBS Scores Calculated?

The ITBS test has four types of scores:

  • Standard Score (SS). Raw scores are converted to Standard Scores, ranging from 80 to 400. The Standard Score is used to describe student’s location on an achievement continuum.
  • Grade Equivalent (GE). Grade Equivalent scores represent the score that the average student in the indicated level would achieve if given the test. Scores range from k.0 to 13+, with the decimal indicating month of the school year. For example, 2.4 means the fourth month of 2nd grade. The Grade Equivalent scores allow for comparison of growth over time.
  • National Stanine (NS). National Stanine are a very broad, simplified scores that ranges from 1-9, with 9 being the highest possible score. This score is also normalized for both age and grade groups.
  • National Percentile Rank (NPR). The National Percentile Rank score is used to compare students to other students in their age and grade. A percentile rank of 80 means that a student scored better than 80% of students who took the test. A percentile rank of 50 is considered average.

Practice for the ITBS with TestPrep-Online

In order to get the score you need on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, it is important to set aside time and practice with TestPrep-Online. Soon we will offer level-specific, child-friendly ITBS practice tests that will help your child prepare for test day. Start preparing for the ITBS test so your child can come confident and ready to succeed on the day of the test.

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