Sample Test Preview

[1] The pictures in the box go together in a certain way. Something belongs in the empty square. Choose the picture that should go in the empty square.

[2] Look at the pictures below. They go together in a certain way. One of the pictures does not belong. Which one does not belong?

[3] Which clothes are worn in pairs?


[1] The correct answer is 4; In the above matrix (from left to right): across the rows, the shapes alternate and rotate 45 degrees (⅛ of a circle); down the columns, the shapes simply alternate (they do not rotate). Also, notice that the third row is the same as the first row. The answer will exhibit the same pattern as the first row.

[2] The correct answer is 2; Answer choice 2 displays a bird, the only option which is not an insect.

[3] The correct answer is 1; Boots, socks, and mittens are worn in pairs. While the other options show items worn in pairs, answer choice 1 is the only option in which all of the clothing items displayed are items worn in pairs.

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