OLSAT Test 2nd Grade Sample Questions

Here's a preview of the questions your child will find on our OLSAT level C sample test. 

[1] The pictures in the box go together in a certain way. Something belongs in the empty square. Choose the picture that should go in the empty square.

[2] Look at the pictures below. They go together in a certain way. One of the pictures does not belong. Which one does not belong?

[3] Which clothes are worn in pairs?


[1] The correct answer is 4; In the above matrix (from left to right): across the rows, the shapes alternate and rotate 45 degrees (⅛ of a circle); down the columns, the shapes simply alternate (they do not rotate). Also, notice that the third row is the same as the first row. The answer will exhibit the same pattern as the first row.

[2] The correct answer is 2; Answer choice 2 displays a bird, the only option which is not an insect.

[3] The correct answer is 1; Boots, socks, and mittens are worn in pairs. While the other options show items worn in pairs, answer choice 1 is the only option in which all of the clothing items displayed are items worn in pairs.

More About the OLSAT Level C

The OLSAT Test for second-graders includes 60 questions (30 verbal and 30 nonverbal) and the time limit is 72 minutes. The test is intended to measure a student's ability to cope with school learning tasks. Many schools use the OLSAT as an admission exam to gifted and talented programs.

At the lower levels of the OLSAT, all the questions are read aloud to the students. Since at the age of seven and eight most students are able to read, only half of the questions on the test will be read aloud, while the others will be completed individually.

While practicing via TestPrep-Online, the instructions of each question should be read aloud (once) to the child, as is done on the actual OLSAT Test. For your convenience, TestPrep-Online currently provides audio instructions for the following question types: Following Directions, Aural Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning.

For information about how the OLSAT scores are calculated, please click here.

Tips for Strengthening OLSAT Scores

  • Talk to your child's teachers. Remember, your child's teachers know a lot about the test and about your child's learning habits and can give you plenty of useful tips. It is always recommended to have a talk with the teacher and find out everything you can.
  • Make sure your child is energized. Studying without having nutritious meals and getting a good night's sleep might be inefficient. Provide your child with plenty of nutritious food such as vegetables, fruit, and complex carbohydrates. Avoid snacks and sweets. Make sure he or she sleeps well in order to achieve better results while studying.
  • Involve your child in the process. Make sure your child understands exactly what to do to prepare for the test and why. Make sure your child understands the importance of the test and the importance of studying for the test. Build a study routine together. A study routine will help your child focus and be more organized.

Need Additional Practice?

TestPrep-Online offers:

  • Level specific, full-length practice tests
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  • Parent Manuals

Be sure to check out our full OLSAT Level C prep pack.

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