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[1] If the words below were arranged to make the best sentence, with which letter would the firstword of the sentence begin.

[2]Read the problem to yourself and mark your answer. Which is the correct answer?

[3] What number comes next in the series?


[1] Choice 3; The correct answer is the letter "T". The sentence reads: "Tasmanian devils are renowned for their viciousness."

[2] Choice 5; The correct answer is runways. All airports must have runways. Without runways, airplanes cannot land and take off. Airports do not always have lounges, restaurants, bars, or clothing stores.

[3] Choice 1; The correct answer is 29. In this series, each number is greater than the previous number by 1 more than the previous difference. The pattern is:+1, +2, +3, +4, .... The last 2 numbers in the series are 16 and 22. 22 is greater than 16 by 6. The next number should be larger than 22 by 7 (which is 1 more than the previous difference of 6). [...16, 16+6=22, 22+7=29, ...] Therefore, 29 is the correct answer.

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