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[1] Find the right word. Which word is the opposite of deep

[2] The words in the box go together in a certain way. Choose the word that goes where you see the question mark.

[3] The numbers in the box go together by following the same rule. Decide what the rule is, and then choose the number that goes where you see the question markAnswers

[1] Choice 2; The correct answer is shallow. Deep means extending far down from the top or surface. Shallow means of little depth or not going far down from the top or surface.

[2] Choice 1; The correct answer is water. Looking across the matrix, we can see a pattern. A car drives on the street, an airplane flies in the sky, and a boat sails in the water.

[3] Choice 2; The correct answer is 5. The numbers in the first box are 10 and 7. The numbers in the second box are 6 and 3. In both sets, 3 is subtracted from the first number to get the second number: 10 – 3 = 7 and 6 – 3 = 3. The same relationship will hold in the box with the question mark. Subtract 3 from the first number to get the second number, since 8 – 3 = 5 the correct answer is 5.

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Tips for Strengthening OLSAT Scores

  • Help your child develop good study habits. Build a study routine together. A study routine will help your child focus better and achieve better results, always knowing what to do next. Praise good study habits, such as studying before a leisure activity, not after. Remember positive feedback will get you better results than negative feedback.
  • Be available to help, but encourage independence. While your child can receive help from you at home, you will not be there during the actual test. Therefore, it is important to teach your child to work independently. It is best to go over the first few questions together, make sure your child knows and understands what to do, then leave the room and only be available for help in case your child needs it.
  • Teach your child to always read the explanations. Our prep pack offers full explanations for every single question. Before your child calls you for help, teach him or her to read the explanation carefully, even several times if necessary. Even if your child answers the question correctly, it is still important to read the explanations, because the theory behind the question and the tools used for solving it may be useful for more difficult questions.
  • Remind your child to eat and sleep well. Studies have shown that students achieve better scores after a good night's sleep and a nutritious meal. Teach your child to avoid sweets on the days he or she needs to study or take tests, because sweets make sugar levels drop after a very short time, along with the child's concentration.
  • Remember the OLSAT Level D questions are not read aloud to the students. Therefore, do not read the questions to your child. It is important to simulate the test as accurately as possible. Let your child read the question alone and remind him or her it is better to read a few times so as not to miss any details.

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