What is the TEAS TEST?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an exam administered by ATI and used as an admission tool to many nursing school programs in the United States. The exam evaluates students' knowledge that would be relevant in nursing school. It comprises four sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage. The TEAS is a crucial part of a student's application process for nursing schools; that is why it is essential to get a high score on the test to increase your likelihood of getting accepted into your preferred program.

Watch this short video to learn what you need about the ATI TEAS 7 (the newest version of the test):


Is the ATI TEAS Test Hard?

Yes. The TEAS test is a difficult test for many. It requires good preparation across all four subjects as well as preparation for the test style. Applicants tend to struggle with specific modules, such as the Science section or the English and Language Usage section. The time limit is tough, and every unanswered question is a lost point.

Free TEAS practice tests can help you improve your TEAS test score, but extensive TEAS test prep is needed to help you meet the minimum grades required by schools across all the different subjects. Should you be unhappy with your score, you may find that options to retake the TEAS test are limited. Some schools require a period of 14, 30, or 90 days between attempts while others will limit the number of times you can take the test in an academic year.

Thus, TEAS test practice is key to achieving the score you want.

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What Are the Differences between TEAS VI and TEAS VII?

The TEAS test (Test Of Essential Academic Skills) is written by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). As of June 3rd, 2022, ATI has released version 7 of the TEAS test, called the ATI TEAS. It is also sometimes referred to as the TEAS 7th edition or the ATI TEAS exam.

Prior to June 2022, the test was in its 6th version, officially called the TEAS Version 6.0 Exam, and known as TEAS VI or TEAS 6—or simply as one of the possible nursing entrance exams. You can no longer take the TEAS VI. Check with your program as to whether TEAS VI scores are still accepted. By the end of 2022, most programs will no longer accept TEAS VI scores.

The ATI nursing exam may be taken either on a computer or with paper and pencil. The test contains 170 questions and consists of four sections, each with its own time limit. The most important changes to note are:

  • A four-function calculator is now permitted and is provided at the test center.
  • Subject changes have been implemented across all the sections.
  • different types of questions compared to the former version of the test, in the TEAS 6 there were only multiple-choice questions but in the TEAS 7 there 5 question types such as:
    • Multiple select-these questions will provide you four or more answer choices, and more than one answer can be correct.
    • Supply Answer-in these types of questions you have to "fill in the blank" and you don't have any answer choices provided to you.
    • Hot Spot- in these questions you are given an image with clickable areas, and you must choose which is the correct one.
    • Ordered Response- in these questions you are provided with four to six responses and you need to order them in a logical and correct manner.
Please note: TEAS VI practice tests will not cover all the subject matters of the new ATI TEAS 7 test.

TEAS 6th Version Test Questions and Time Limit

Subtest Number of Items Time
TEAS VI Reading 47 64 minutes
TEAS VI Mathematics 32 54 minutes
TEAS VI Science 47 63 minutes
TEAS VI English & Language Usage 24 28 minutes
Total 150 209 minutes

ATI TEAS 7th Version Test Questions and Time Limit

Subtest Scored Items Pretest Items Time
ATI TEAS Reading 45 6 64 minutes
ATI TEAS Mathematics 38 4 54 minutes
ATI TEAS Science 50 6 63 minutes
ATI TEAS English & Language Usage 37 4 28 minutes
Total 150 20 209 minutes

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ATI TEAS Reading

  • 45 questions in 64 minutes.

The Reading section consists of short paragraphs or text passages. You may be asked to identify argument structures or key themes and ideas within the passage. In addition, you may be asked to make inferences based on the passages or to identify the author’s objective. You may have to distinguish between different types of sources or to decipher whether statements are inherently objective or subjective.


ATI TEAS Mathematics

  • 38 questions in 54 minutes

In the Math section, you are presented with questions on ratios, proportions, percentages, and some algebraic expressions. You may be asked to analyze data presentations and answer questions concerning units of measurement. You must be able to perform basic arithmetic quickly and comfortably.


ATI TEAS Science

  • 53 questions in 63 minutes

In the Science section, you are asked questions about the human body, specific processes, and the independent and cooperative function of the different systems within the body. You must demonstrate scientific reasoning abilities and may be asked questions on general processes of chemistry and physics, the natural world, and biology.


ATI TEAS English and Language Usage

  • 37 questions in 28 minutes

In the English and Language Usage section, questions focus on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. You are required to demonstrate your comprehension of a passage, identify the tone, and choose a better sentence order to express an idea. You must demonstrate an understanding of a word’s specific meaning within its unique context and in relation to prefixes, suffixes, and position within a sentence. 

What Is a Good TEAS Test Score?

  • A target composite score (all four subjects combined) of at least 10% above your nursing school required score is advised. The passing grade you will need to achieve is set by the nursing school you are applying to. It can be anywhere from between 60–70% for lower ranking programs to 85-95% for higher ranking programs.
  • The Mean National Pass Grade and the Mean Program Pass Grade should be treated as indicators, not as grade targets. The competition for nursing programs is high, and this, combined with faculty shortages, results in qualified applicants being rejected from programs.

How Do I Prepare For The 2024 ATI TEAS Test?

The ATI TEAS is a challenging test, and in order to get accepted into your desired nursing program, you will need to practice a lot, but besides that, there are other things you can do to increase your chances of getting a high score on the test:

  • Start your studying for the TEAS test by trying to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. The best way to do that is by taking a free TEAS practice test or full-length TEAS practice test (like we offer) to know where you should focus your studies and which areas you should start practicing. 
  • Set a scheduled study plan to know exactly what you should be working on each day, and by doing this, you will likely optimize your studying time and be a lot more efficient each day.
  • Use study guides while studying for the test to highlight all the crucial information you should concentrate on. Some study guides provide you (like the ones we offer in our prep pack) with practical strategies and tips on specific subjects and question types to ensure you don't miss anything.

ATI TEAS Practice Test

With so many different employment routes and opportunities, obtaining a nursing qualification is the best way to advance your professional career and find an exciting role that suits you. TestPrep-Online works with test-writing experts, teachers, and psychologists to create an online ATI TEAS practice test, designed to help you ace your ATI TEAS exam. We offer several TEAS practice packs, all of which include like-for-like questions, detailed answer explanations, and score reports. We also provide a free TEAS practice test.

Looking for free TEAS Practice test questions? Click here!

How Do I Register for the TEAS Exam?

Register for the ATI nursing exam on the ATI Testing website. There will be a list of TEAS test dates so you can schedule the test at your convenience. Registration with ATI Testing costs $50–$100 depending on where you take the test. You can also register with PSI through the ATI Testing website for $115, or through your prospective college. Rescheduling your test with ATI will require you to book and pay for a new test slot. You can reschedule your TEAS test date up to two days prior to test day if you are registered with PBI.

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How many times can you take the TEAS test?

Students are allowed to take the TEAS exam up to 3 times in the span of a twelve month period. Ask your desired nursing program for more information.

What is a passing TEAS score?

The average passing score for the TEAS is between 65%-75%, but the passing score varies from school to school, so you should check with your applied school what is their required score for admission.

Can you use a calculator on the TEAS?

You are not allowed to use a personal calculator but you will be given a four-function calculator both in the online exam (built-in calculator) and the physical exam. 


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