Wonderlic Admission Testing

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is a fast-paced test of general verbal and quantitative ability. It is more similar to an I.Q. test than to the tests you probably took in school. The Wonderlic SLE is commonly used to help determine who should be admitted to colleges and training programs. There are two versions of the Wonderlic SLE: the full version and the Quicktest version, also known as the Wonderlic SLE Pretest.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is a similar, longer test required by some programs. Studying for the Wonderlic SLE will help you with the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, and vice versa.

The Wonderlic SLE, the Wonderlic SLE Quicktest, and the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test can be taken on paper or online, at an educational institution or remotely. Calculators are not permitted on any form of the Wonderlic.

About the Wonderlic SLE

The Wonderlic SLE test has 50 questions and a time limit of 12 minutes. Verbal and quantitative questions appear together in the same test. The exam tests fundamental reading, reasoning, and arithmetic skills that are essential for success in a variety of fields.

Time management is crucial for success on the Wonderlic SLE. Most test-takers find that they don't have enough time to give full consideration to each question. You can still get an average or above-average score without answering all of the questions. Since there's no guessing penalty, it's advantageous to guess when time's almost up. It is permitted to skip questions and return to them later. A good strategy is to "start with the low-hanging fruit" by answering the easier and less time-consuming questions first.

Wonderlic SLE - Quicktest

The Wonderlic SLE-Q is a shorter version of the Wonderlic SLE that is taken online. The test has 30 questions and a time limit of 8 minutes. It is used as a quick screening of academic eligibility for colleges and job training programs. Studying for the full-length SLE will also prepare you for the SLE-Q.

Who Takes the Wonderlic SLE?

The Wonderlic SLE Test is used by various academic institutions for admission and placement purposes. For example, both nursing programs and police forces require the Wonderlic SLE when admitting candidates to their respective educational programs. Other admissions and placement tests that can be used in addition to or instead of the Wonderlic include the ACCUPLACER for programs in many fields and the TEAS for nursing and allied health programs.

Wonderlic SLE Format & Question Types

The following are some of the different question types used to assess cognitive ability:

        • Word comparisons
        • Antonyms
        • Dates & times
        • Folding boxes
        • Graphs
        • Number Comparisons
        • Simple math
        • Sentence forming
        • Rotational Series
        • Syllogisms

Since the Wonderlic is an extremely fast-paced test, familiarizing yourself with the question types is crucial for building confidence and improving your score. Building familiarity with the question types can help you answer the easier questions in less time, leaving you more time for the harder questions. Since you're probably used to taking English and math tests separately, it's also helpful to practice alternating between the two skill sets.

The Wonderlic SLE generally begins with the easier questions and increases in difficulty as the test progresses. However, since each test taker has strengths and weaknesses, you may find questions that personally are easy for you towards the end of the test. In any case, it is advisable to answer all of the questions even if you have to guess on some.

Test Examination Method # of Questions Allotted Time
Wonderlic SLE - Quicktest (SLE-Q) Online
30 Questions 8 Minutes
Wonderlic SLE Online
50 Questions 12 Minutes

Wonderlic SLE Scores

A Wonderlic SLE score is calculated by the amount of correct answers given in the allotted time, meaning that all the questions on the test have the same value regardless of their placement in the test or their difficulty.  Your score is determined simply by how many questions you answer correctly. The average score is approximately 22. Since each educational institution or program has its own requirements, there is no single passing score. 

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