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ATI TEAS Science Test Preparation 2017

NEW! All our TEAS tests have been upgraded to match the ATI TEAS! Prepare for the ATI TEAS Science section with the ATI TEAS Science Pack. Get practice questions for all three topics of the TEAS Science section, as well as answer explanations and score reports. Start practicing now!

The pack includes:
  • Two ATI TEAS Science tests (106 questions)
  • 32 additional ATI TEAS Science practice questions
  • Question types similar to ATI TEAS questions
  • Detailed answer explanations and score reports
  • Immediate online access and unlimited practice
  • Fast-responding and friendly customer support
  • Secured payment
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  • License for 3 Months

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   Great question explanations!
I was really nervous about some of the science topic material but I found the explanations super helpful. I learned about the topics as I went through the questions and there were very good practice tests!
Aaliyah (TEAS V Science Pack)

About ATI Testing’s TEAS Science Section 

The ATI TEAS Science section no longer includes the Earth Science topic. Instead, some questions that would have been considered to fall within the Earth Science topic have been absorbed into the Life & Physical Sciences topic. As such, some of the questions found in a TEAS V Science practice test are less likely to appear on the ATI TEAS.

How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS Science Test 

The ATI TEAS Science section has a time limit of 63 minutes, during which 53 questions must be answered. The section has three topics:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology, worth 68% of the section and consisting of 32 items
  • Life & Physical Sciences, worth 68% of the section and consisting of 8 items
  • Scientific Reasoning, worth 15% of the Science section and consisting of 7 items

Use the ATI TEAS Science Pack to test your knowledge for the Science section. Questions can be taken in Timed or Step-by-Step Mode, and answer explanations are available.

ATI TEAS Science Practice Tests 

TestPrep-Online offers the ATI TEAS Science Pack for test takers looking to improve their score on this section. For a comprehensive preparation package, try the ATI TEAS Premium Pack, which offers full-length ATI TEAS tests that simulate the actual exam. Improve your confidence and your score with hundreds of practice questions and detailed explanations of each answer.

Every year, applicants use TestPrep-Online to prepare for and pass graduate admissions and school entrance exams. TestPrep-Online is an e-learning services provider, and we develop tests and study guides to help people achieve their best scores on test day. Check out our practice tests today and see how TestPrep-Online can help you!

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"I found TestPrep-Online’s preparation pack very helpful. The questions and study guides are great. I found that the explanations and solving tips really helped me to learn the material and improve my score." 
Nicole (ACCUPLACER Premium Pack)
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