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The ISEE Verbal Reasoning section is one of the five sections on the ISEE Test. While this section is present on each of the ISEE levels, the material is grade appropriate. Continue reading to learn more about the ISEE Verbal Reasoning section.
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About ISEE Verbal Reasoning

There are two different types of questions on the ISEE Verbal Reasoning section: synonyms and sentence completion. Both of these question types assess one’s reasoning ability as well as vocabulary. The ISEE vocabulary words are grade specific at each level.

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Synonym Questions

Synonym questions concentrate on word recognition, as the answer must have the same (or similar) meaning to the word presented in the question. The synonym questions present a word and then four answer choices, one of which is synonymous with the initial word. This assesses one’s reasoning abilities, as one must select the word with the most similar meaning to the word provided in the question from the four options given. 

Below, you can see an example of a Synonym question from an Upper Level ISEE Test:
isee verbal reasoning practice questions

Answer: D (pretense)

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Sentence Completion Questions

Sentence completion questions evaluate one’s ability to comprehend the meanings of words and their respective functions. In ISEE Sentence Completion questions, a sentence is provided and a word (or phrase) is missing. The answer is a word that appropriately and logically completes the sentence. Some of the sentence completion questions on the ISEE Lower Level may call for a phrase as the answer, as opposed to just one word. 

Below, you can see an example of a Sentence Completion question from an Upper Level ISEE test:
isee verbal reasoning practice questions

Answer: A (deigned)

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ISEE Tips - Verbal Reasoning

There may be words that are easier for you and other words that are more difficult for you. A good strategy is to first answer the questions with words that you know and then return to the questions with less familiar words. If you are still unsure what the answer is, use the rest of your time coming up with the best guess. Even if you do not know the answer at all, it is a good idea to guess on the ISEE, as points are not deducted for incorrect answers.

: In the synonym questions, the ISEE vocabulary words in the answer options are presented in alphabetical order. Consider the first word that comes to mind when reading the word presented in the question, then look for that word, or a similar word, in the answer choices.

Hint: In the ISEE sentence completion section, be sure to read each sentence thoroughly and focus on keywords. This will help you to figure out the correct answer. 

Hint: Think of an answer on your own and imagine it in the place of the blank. Then look at the answer choices and find the answer that has the most similar meaning to your answer.

Hint: Clue words like if, therefore, because, since, or although are meant to help you determine relationships in the sentence.

Hint: Be sure to read the whole sentence after selecting an answer so that you are certain the sentence makes sense.

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ISEE Verbal Reasoning Prep

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