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OLSAT Figural Reasoning

The OLSAT contains a subsection of questions called Figural Reasoning. These test items require children to closely assess shapes and patterns. Continue reading and try a type of Figural Reasoning question.
OLSAT Figural Reasoning Sample Questions

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Within the Nonverbal section of the OLSAT is the Figural Reasoning subsection. More specifically, this section assesses a child's ability to:

  • Infer relationships between different geometric shapes and figures
  • Understand patterns and progressions
  • Compare and contrast different figures or sets of figures
  • Manipulate and work with figures in a spatial context

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Figural Reasoning Question Types

There are four types of questions within the Figural Reasoning category:

Type LevelDescription
Figural ClassificationA-D

These questions measure the ability to identify the “odd one out” in a group of five images. A child will have to identify which of the five images does not belong in the group by recognizing a common theme or pattern present throughout the images.

Figural AnalogyA-G

These questions assess the ability to understand relationships between figures. The objective is to identify which figure in a group of 5 is most similar to the original figure presented in the question. While Figural Classification assesses the ability to identify differences, Figural Analogy assesses the ability to identify similarities.

Pattern MatrixA-G

These questions assess the ability to fill in the missing item in a matrix. Matrices are 3X3 grids (9 total boxes) which have sequences and patterns that run horizontally and vertically. Each matrix will have a blank square, which will have to be filled in with the correct figure to complete the pattern.

Figural SeriesA-G

Figural Series questions assess the ability to predict the next step in a progression of geometric shapes. The question will consist of four consecutive shapes, ordered according to a certain pattern or theme, and the test taker will have to predict what the fifth shape in the sequence will be.

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Figural Reasoning Sample Question

The following question is a Figural Analogy test item from the Figural Reasoning section:

The pictures in the boxes on the top belong together in a certain way. Choose the picture that belongs with the bottom picture in the same way the pictures on top belong together.

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is C.

Each square in the top row contains a circle divided into four equal segments. Each circle is identical to the other, except that the colors of the segments are inverted. The segments that were purple on the left become green on the right and vice versa.

The shapes in the bottom row will follow the same relationship. The answer choice will contain an identical figure with inverted coloring.

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OLSAT Question Types

View the table below for a breakdown of OLSAT subsections and question types.



Verbal Comprehension

Pictorial Reasoning

Following Directions

Picture Classification


Picture Analogies

Sentence Completion

Picture Series

Sentence Arrangement

Figural Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Figural Classification

Aural Reasoning

Figural Analogies

Arithmetic Reasoning

Pattern Matrix

Logical Selection

Figural Series

Word/Letter Matrix

Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal Analogies

Number Series

Verbal Classification

Numeric Inference


Number Matrix

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