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OLSAT Quantitative Reasoning 

What type of math do students need to know for the OLSAT? Learn about the Quantitative Reasoning section of the test and the different questions it includes.
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One of the subheadings in the OLSAT Nonverbal section is Quantitative Reasoning. Specifically, this sections assesses the ability to:

  • Infer and understand relationships with numbers
  • Deduce and use computational rules in context.

There are three question types within the Pictorial Reasoning category: 

Quantitative Reasoning Question Types

Type LevelDescription
Number SeriesD-G

These questions assess the ability to understand the pattern in a sequence of numbers or letters and the ability to fill in a missing item in the series.

Numeric InferenceD-G

Numeric Inference questions test the ability to understand relationships between numbers and number groupings.

Number MatrixD-G

These questions assess the ability to fill in the missing number in a matrix made up of entirely of numbers. Matrices are 3X3 grids (9 total boxes) which have sequences and patterns that run horizontally and vertically. Each matrix will have a blank square, which will have to be filled in with the correct number to complete the pattern.

OLSAT Question Types



Verbal Comprehension

Pictorial Reasoning

Following Directions

Picture Classification


Picture Analogies

Sentence Completion

Picture Series

Sentence Arrangement

Figural Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Figural Classification

Aural Reasoning

Figural Analogies

Arithmetic Reasoning

Pattern Matrix

Logical Selection

Figural Series

Word/Letter Matrix

Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal Analogies

Number Series

Verbal Classification

Numeric Inference


Number Matrix

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