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ATI TEAS Practice Tests: Premium

Start preparing for ATI Testing’s TEAS nursing exam with the ATI TEAS Premium Pack. Practice for the 2017 TEAS test with full-length ATI TEAS practice tests, TEAS practice questions, answers, and detailed explanations.
Updated! ATI TEAS Practice Tests

- Full-length ATI TEAS practice tests
- Drills for English & Language Usage, Science, Math, and Reading
- Detailed answer explanations 

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   Great practice tests!
I found this website to be very helpful. The practice tests are almost identical to the real test; they have helped me a lot in studying.
Chelsea, January 2015 (TEAS V Premium Pack)

Practice for the 2017 ATI Testing Nursing Exam

The latest version of ATI Testing's TEAS exam was released on August 31, 2016, with its new name, ATI TEAS. There are differences between version 5 and version 6 of the TEAS test. Our new ATI TEAS practice tests reflect these changes. Use our ATI TEAS Premium Pack to practice TEAS test questions and familiarize yourself with the new ATI Nursing TEAS exam.

What Changes Have Been Made to the ATI TEAS Test?

Some changes have been made to the ATI TEAS exam. Your TEAS test practice should take into consideration the differences in TEAS V and ATI TEAS test material. For example, in version 6 of ATI Testing’s nursing exam, a calculator is permitted for the Mathematics section. This means the math questions on TEAS V are very different from those on the ATI TEAS.

All topics across all four of the TEAS subjects have been amended. The number of questions in each section has been altered slightly. Another important change took place in the Science section. This section no longer has a topic dedicated to Earth Science. As a result, TEAS V study guides and TEAS V practice tests offer partially adequate materials for testing. For an extensive TEAS test review of the topics on each of the sections, the ATI TEAS Premium Pack has you covered.

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Is the TEAS Test Hard?

Yes. The TEAS exam is not known to be the easiest test out there. With nursing school admissions becoming progressively more competitive, the TEAS test offers a method of measuring applicants' academic potential. Increase your chances of securing a career in this demanding field by displaying readiness and an academic edge.

To succeed on the ATI nursing exam, it is more important than ever to come prepared. TEAS practice tests and ATI TEAS study guides are fundamental to your preparation. Setting aside the right amount of study time is also a crucial factor in your TEAS testing success. The more time and practice tests you expose yourself to, the better prepared you will feel. The ATI TEAS Premium Pack offers full-length TEAS practice tests and study guides.

ATI TEAS Premium Practice – What Do I Get?

TEAS test prep with the ATI TEAS Premium Pack gives you:

  • Two Full-length ATI TEAS practice tests
  • 191 Reading questions
  • 32 Science questions
  • 120 English & Language Usage questions
  • 94 Math questions (out of these, 20 are drug calculation questions)
  • Step-by-step and timed practice modes
  • Detailed answer explanations and score reports
  • Helpful, fast-responding customer service

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"Your practice test questions are actually very similar to those on the real test."  
Helen, April 2015 (TEAS V Premium Pack)
"I found TestPrep-Online’s preparation pack very helpful. The questions and study guides are great. I found that the explanations and solving tips really helped me to learn the material and improve my score." 
Nicole, May 2017 
(ACCUPLACER Premium Pack)
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