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Accuplacer Elementary Algebra – Prepare for the Test and Improve Your Score

Learn everything there is to know about the elementary algebra section of the Accuplacer math test. Prepare for the test with our comprehensive Math Pack.
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Accuplacer Elementary Algebra – A Short Review

The elementary algebra section of the Accuplacer math test consists of 12 questions which measure your ability to perform basic algebraic operations and to assess your skills in solving problems that involve elementary algebraic concepts. These questions evaluate your knowledge in three areas:

Integers and rational numbers:

  • computing with integers and rational numbers
  • absolute values
  • number ordering

Algebraic expressions:

  • evaluating formulas and algebraic expressions
  • arithmetic operations with algebraic fractions
  • basic arithmetic involving monomials and polynomials
  • evaluating positive rational roots and exponents
  • factoring

Equations, inequalities, and verbal problems:

  • linear and quadratic equations
  • verbal algebraic problems including geometric reasoning
  • graphing

Discover what your elementary algebra score means and learn how to improve it, or find out more about the arithmetic and college-level math sections of the test. 

At TestPrep-Online we offer you the Accuplacer Math Kit, which includes a study guide, three levels of sample questions, and full practice tests. To enhance your studying process, each question is followed by a detailed solution, which allows you to see what your strengths are and to learn which concepts you need to improve.

Accuplacer Elementary Algebra Sample Questions

Level 1

Calculate the value of x: 

A. 0
B. 1.5
C. 3
D. 4

The correct answer is A.
To solve this problem, apply the equation rules of operations. Simplify the equation by canceling down and moving like-terms:

According to the calculation, the correct answer is
A. If you chose any other answer, review your calculations.

Level 2

Every day that Jim eats oatmeal for breakfast, his father gives him 10 smiley stickers. Every day that Jim eats something other than oatmeal for breakfast, he gives back 5 smiley stickers. The number of days that Jim ate oatmeal for breakfast this year is represented by c, and the number of days he ate something other than oatmeal for breakfast this year is represented by d. Which of the following represents the number of stickers Jim holds at the end of the year?


The correct answer is B.
Write down all the information given in the question:
The number of days Jim ate oatmeal for breakfast this year:
The number of days Jim ate something other than oatmeal this year:
The number of stickers given to Jim by his father: 10
The number of stickers Jim is left with after giving to his father: −5
The total amount of stickers Jim has at the end of the year is 10
c-5d; therefore, the correct answer is B.
If you chose any other answer, review the set-up of your equation.

Level 3

Which of the following is equivalent to ?

A. 1

The correct answer is D.
In order to simplify the expression, the numerator and the denominator should be factored independently.
Finding the factored form of the numerator  is a quadratic expression with the coefficients .
The roots of this quadratic expression are expressed by:

Hence  is equivalent to .
As part of the quadratic expression definition, the equation equals zero; thus we can manipulate it: 

Rewrite the equation:

Therefore, the correct answer is
If you chose any other answer, review your calculations and the rules of factoring.

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