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Accuplacer Arithmetic – Prepare for the Test and Improve Your Score

Learn everything there is to know about the arithmetic section of the Accuplacer math test. Prepare for the test with our TestPrep-Online comprehensive Math Kit.
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Accuplacer Arithmetic – A Short Review

The arithmetic section of the Accuplacer math test consists of 17 questions which measure your ability to perform basic mathematical operations and to assess your skills in solving problems that involve straightforward mathematical concepts. These questions will help evaluate your knowledge in three areas:

Whole Numbers and Fractions: 

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division
  • fractions
  • estimation

Decimals and Percentages: 

  • basic arithmetic using decimals
  • recognizing equivalent percentages
  • percent problems

Applications and Problem Solving: 

  • rate and measurement problems
  • fraction problems
  • geometry

Discover what your arithmetic score means and learn how to improve it, or find out more about the elementary algebra and college-level math sections of the test.

At TestPrep-Online we offer you the Accuplacer Math Kit, which includes a study guide, three levels of sample questions, and full practice tests. To enhance your studying process, each question is followed by a detailed solution, which allows you to see what your strengths are and to learn which concepts you need to improve.

Accuplacer Arithmetic Sample Questions

Level 1


The correct answer is B.
First, cancel down both fractions to their simplest form. Next, look for the lowest common denominator and then convert the fractions according to this denominator. Finally, add the fractions and, if needed, cancel down the fraction.
In order to simplify, first, cancel down the fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by 6:  
Note that the lowest common denominator is 10.
Rewrite the equation and solve:  
Cancel down the calculated result by dividing the numerator and denominator by 2: 
The final result is ; therefore, the correct answer is B.
If you chose any other answer, review your calculations, specifically how to cancel down fractions and add them.

Level 2

4186÷0.001 =?

A. 4,186,000
B. 418,600
C. 41,860
D. 41.86

The correct answer is A.
To solve this problem, note that you can move the decimal point an equal number of spaces on each side of the division sign without changing the division value.
Therefore, the correct answer is A.
If you chose any other answer, review your calculation.

Level 3

There are 60 monks in the Gate Way Monastery: 20% keep an oath of silence for one day a week; 50% keep an oath of silence for two days a week; 10% keep an oath of silence all week; and the rest do not keep an oath of silence at all. On average, how many monks keep an oath of silence per day?

A. 6
B. 2.7
C. 12
D. 1.9

The correct answer is D.
To solve this problem calculate how many monks keep the silence oath out of the total. Then, calculate the average per day.
20% of 60 monks:  monks keep the oath once a week.
50% of 60 monks:  monks keep the oath twice a week.
10% of 60 monks:  monks keep the oath all week.
The rest:  monks do not keep an oath of silence.
Calculate the average number of monks that the keep the oath per day: 
The correct answer is D.
If you chose answers A or C, check how to solve average problems. If you chose answer B, you probably divided by the number of days per week and not by the number of monks.

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