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Community College Placement Tests 2018 – The ACCUPLACER Test

Start preparing for your 2018 community college placement test today. Colleges across America often use a range of placement tests, like the ACCUPLACER, to place you in the class that is best suited to you. Prepare for the test and avoid remedial classes with our ACCUPLACER practice tests.
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Below, we have assembled a list of community colleges and universities that use the ACCUPLACER as a placement and admissions test. Use the quick links to jump to the college of your choice.

ACCUPLACER College Placement Test Study Guide

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4-Year Universities That Use the ACCUPLACER Exam

The following list is comprised of nine universities that use all or part of the ACCUPLACER as part of their admissions and placement processes.

Armstrong State University

Armstrong State University requires non-traditional and some transfer applicants to take the ACCUPLACER test as part of the admissions process to its programs. If a student required to take the ACCUPLACER is successful on the test, then the student's results will be used to place the student in the appropriate classes. Armstrong State University recommends that all students prepare for the ACCUPLACER. You can begin your preparation for the ACCUPLACER test with our ACCUPLACER practice packs.

Augusta University

Augusta University uses the ACCUPLACER to determine students' abilities in math, reading, and writing. The University uses the ACCUPLACER to identify the appropriate classes for each student. To learn more about Augusta University, ACCUPLACER testing locations, and testing times, click here. To prepare with our ACCUPLACER practice packs, visit our ACCUPLACER shop page.

Clayton State University

For all University System of Georgia non-traditional applicants to Clayton State University, the ACCUPLACER is required for both admissions and placement purposes. Secure a spot on your program of choice, and get placed in the classes at the appropriate level for you. Start preparing for your Classic ACCUPLACER test now with our ACCUPLACER practice tests. Visit the Clayton State University website for more information.

Eastern Oregon University

Start preparing for the Eastern Oregon University’s ACCUPLACER math and writing placement test. The test is used in conjunction with other standardized test scores to determine your class placement. To find out more about the University’s placement policy, click here. To start practicing now, visit our ACCUPLACER shop page to view our available practice tests.

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Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University accepts the ACCUPLACER for both DAU Dual Enrollment and for all high school programs. A specific score is required by the FAU high school programs, so be sure to check which score is needed. Florida Atlantic University requires a two-week period between re-takes and permits only one attempt at the WritePlacer exam.Read more here.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth uses the ACCUPLACER as a math placement test. Your score helps the University decide if you should start with Algebra, Pre-Calculus or Calculus. You are only required to complete one mathematics course during any major study at the university. For more information, click here. Prepare for the ACCUPLACER math placement exam and save yourself time and money with our ACCUPLACER practice tests.

University of Nebraska Omaha

Prepare for the University of Nebraska Omaha’s ACCUPLACER math placement exam with our ACCUPLACER practice packs. The University of Nebraska Omaha only permits taking the ACCUPLACER college math placement exam twice over a two year period. Avoid retakes and being placed in lower–level classes—start preparing for the exam with our ACCUPLACER practice tests now.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University uses the ACCUPLACER to place new students into the appropriate math and English class. Click here to read more about the placement process at Rutgers. Visit our ACCUPLACER shop page to start practicing for the ACCUPLACER exam now.

University of Utah

Students enrolling in any math class at The University of Utah are required to take the ACCUPLACER math placement test. class. Get ready for the exam using our ACCUPLACER college math placement practice pack. To discover more about the University of Utah’s ACCUPLACER placement test policy and process, click here.

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Washburn University

All students who apply to Washburn University without ACT/SAT scores, or with scores older than 5 years, are advised to take the ACCUPLACER exam. Washburn University uses the Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and the three math sections of the ACCUPLACER to place students in the appropriate class. Prepare yourself for the test with our ACCUPLACER test practice. Read more about Washburn University's placement processes and policies here.

Top Ranked Colleges That Use the ACCUPLACER Test

The following nine colleges have been ranked as within the top twenty in their region according to the US News’ Best Colleges Rankings. These colleges use the ACCUPLACER test as part of their admissions and placement procedures. Scroll down to find your college or jump back to the top of the page to get an overview of the page's contents.

Blue Mountain Community College

Blue Mountain Community College requires some students to take a placement test for various subjects. The College recommends preparing for the placement exam using ACCUPLACER sample questions and practice tests. You can use our ACCUPLACER practice packs to ensure your placement in higher classes.

Castleton University

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER placement test at Castleton University. This institution uses the ACCUPLACER for placement purposes in various programs. Start preparing with practice tests now to achieve the grade you need to place higher on your program. For more information click here.

Howard Payne University

Prepare to take all sections of the ACCUPLACER as part of the placement process at Howard Payne University. The English, reading, and mathematics placement tests are required to assess students' capabilities in each subject. Avoid having to take extra classes by preparing with our ACCUPLACER practice packs now.

Huntington University

Huntington University uses the ACCUPLACER placement test to identify the appropriate class for each student. Huntington University recommends preparing for the ACCUPLACER to perform better on the actual test. You can use our ACCUPLACER practice materials and start preparing for the college placement exam now.

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Maine Maritime Academy

The Maine Maritime Academy requires both the math and writing ACCUPLACER placement tests to be completed by each student applying to the academy. You can read more about the admissions process here, or begin your ACCUPLACER practice with our sample questions and practice tests.

University of Maine Farmington

The University of Maine at Farmington offers free ACCUPLACER tests to all students attending the university. Start practicing for the ACCUPLACER placement test and secure your spot in advanced classes.

Pennsylvania College of Technology

The Pennsylvania College of Technology uses the ACCUPLACER reading test to better place students in classes at their level. Read more about the placement testing requirements here. The reading test is officially called the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension test. The university advises that you prepare for the reading placement test using sample test questions and practice tests. You can begin studying using our ACCUPLACER English Pack now.

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER English and math placement exams, required by Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. You can access our practice tests for the ACCUPLACER math and English sections, and get sample questions, answers, and explanations to assist your learning.

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Vermont Technical College

High school applicants to Vermont Technical College can choose between the ACCUPLACER placement test, the ACT, or the SAT I. Students applying to Practical Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs are required to submit ACCUPLACER scores. Secure your place at the class level that is appropriate for you—start preparing for the ACCUPLACER exams today.

Community College Applicants Who Use Our ACCUPLACER Practice Tests

We often have students from the following list of community colleges contact us to inform us that our ACCUPLACER practice packs helped them improve scores, secure good class placements, and get into advanced programs. See if your community college is on the list! View our available ACCUPLACER practice packs, including our best-seller, the ACCUPLACER Premium Pack here.

Aims Community College

Starting a program at Aims Community College? You’ll need to prepare for the ACCUPLACER placement test! Low grades on the test will result in having to take extra classes at college, and if you choose to retake the test, you will have to wait 90 days before you may do so. Get the score you want the first time with ACCUPLACER preparation from TestPrep-Online. For more information about Aims Community College placement procedures, visit our dedicated page. Start practicing with hundreds of ACCUPLACER questions now!

Everett Community College (EVCC)

Students that do not qualify for Everett Community College’s placement test waiver, and do not have prerequisites for certain courses, are required to take the ACCUPLACER placement exam If you are required to take the ACCUPLACER, you can start preparing for the exam now with our ACCUPLACER practice tests.

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Ivy Tech Community College Indiana

Ivy Tech’s 32 campuses across the state of Indiana require that all applicants take the ACCUPLACER practice test. Learn more about the scores, requirements, and format of the test on our dedicated Ivy Tech ACCUPLACER page.

Lakeshore Technical College (LTC)

Prepare for the Lakeshore Technical College ACCUPLACER placement test with TestPrep-Online. You are required to take the ACCUPLACER test as part of the enrollment process—read more about the process here. Begin preparing with ACCUPLACER practice questions and get the score you want!

County College of Morris (CCM)

We frequently receive messages from students at County College of Morris who have used our ACCUPLACER practice packs and have performed very well on the test. We have created a dedicated page for applicants to programs at CCM. If you prefer to start practicing immediately, you can access over 1000 ACCUPLACER questions now!

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC)

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER placement test, which is required for placement at Oklahoma City Community College. The ACCUPLACER is used, along with an evaluation of each student's academic background, to identify the appropriate level of classes for each student. Start preparing for the test with our ACCUPLACER practice tests.

Prepare with ACCUPLACER Practice Tests and 1000 ACCUPLACER Questions

Olympic College (OC)

Olympic College applicants are strongly advised to familiarize and prepare themselves for the ACCUPLACER placement exam. You can prepare for the ACCUPLACER English and math test using our ACCUPLACER practice materials. To read more about Olympic College’s placement testing procedures, click here. To start preparing now, visit out ACCUPLACER shop page to view our practice tests.

North Shore Community College (NSCC)

North Shore Community College uses the ACCUPLACER to help place students in the correct math class. Scoring well on each of the ACCUPLACER math sections (Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math) will assist you in securing a place in an advanced class. Start preparing for the ACCUPLACER math test now.

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Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI)

Prepare for the Community College of Rhode Island placement test with our ACCUPLACER practice materials. CCRI uses ACCUPLACER for placement testing purposes and recommends that students familiarize themselves with the test in advance. We have created a dedicated page to assist applicants by providing more information on CCRIs placement testing process. To begin practicing, head to our ACCUPLACER shop page to view available ACCUPLACER practice packs.

Rockland Community College (RCC)

Begin your studies at the Rockland Community College by being placed in the course appropriate for your knowledge and skills. The community college requires the English and math ACCUPLACER placement tests for select students; more information is available here. Prepare for the assessment, improve your knowledge, and get a better placement with our ACCUPLACER practice packs.

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC)

Salt Lake Community College uses the ACCUPLACER placement exam to assess the writing, math, and reading skill level of each student. Prepare for the ACCUPLACER using our practice packs and avoid extra classes by getting a high score. Get more information about the test on our dedicated SLCC page.

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Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC)

The Southern Regional Technical College uses the ACCUPLACER as an admissions test. This means that there is a minimum required passing grade, and you must achieve the minimum grade to be accepted onto the program of your choice. To see entrance score requirements for Southern Regional Technical College, click here. To get started on your ACCUPLACER prep, choose our ACCUPLACER Premium Pack, for comprehensive preparation.

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC)

If you need to be placed in a math class at Truckee Meadows Community College, chances are, you will be required to take the ACCUPLACER. Start your preparation with hundreds of ACCUPLACER practice questions and avoid having to take extra classes when you begin your program. Click here to learn more from the official college site. Visit our ACCUPLACER shop page to view our test practice for ACCUPLACER.

York Technical College

York Technical College requires all applicants to take the math, English and writing sections of the ACCUPLACER placement test. High grades on the exam lead to being placed in higher-level classes, as well as having to take fewer classes, and enjoying a better start to college. Start preparing now with our ACCUPLACER Premium Pack.

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ACCUPLACER Admissions and Placement

If your college or university requires you to take the ACCUPLACER for placement or admissions purposes, use our ACCUPLACER practice tests to help you succeed. Packed with over one thousand ACCUPLACER questions, our practice packs teach you the material and prepare you to do well not just on the test, but in college as well.

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