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About Olympic College

Located in Washington state, Olympic College is one of the ten best two-year colleges in the nation. It was established in 1946. The three OC campuses serve over 12,000 students. Olympic College courses focus on the success of every student, both academically and in the workforce.

At OC, you will find a wide range of academic options such as Basic Studies, Continuing Education, and Distance Learning. While most people who attend Olympic College are full-time students, the college has various unique part-time programs like high school/college credit, Tech Prep Dual Credit, and Workforce Development programs.

Olympic College courses are extremely varied, as they are aimed at any student willing to learn. Before enrolling in any of the Olympic College programs, however, incoming students must take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test. Our ACCUPLACER practice packs are equipped with everything you need to get the grade you want.

Olympic College Admission Process

The OC admission process involves a series of steps. The first is to choose the program you are interested in, since each program may differ in its requirements. Once this is done, the next stage is to fill out an admission form.

If you are a transfer student you don't have to worry about providing official transcripts unless they are prerequisites for the courses you are interested in. Finally, as a prospective student, you are expected to complete the ACCUPLACER exam. With TestPrep-Online’s ACCUPLACER practice packs you can prepare for the test using practice tests, thousands of sample questions, and detailed explanations for each section.

Olympic College Tuition & Financial Aid

Olympic College tuition is 50% cheaper than the average cost of a four-year college in Washington State. The average tuition cost per year for an in-state student enrolled at Olympic College is $3,393 ($3,839 for out-of-state), compared to $6,841, which is the national average public four-year tuition cost. Olympic College Financial aid includes loans, alternative payment options, scholarships, and grants.

Even with Olympic College’s tuition and financial aid, the cost to attend is not cheap. Research shows that financial stress can have a strong, negative impact a student’s performance and well-being. Many students feel that if they did not have to worry about financial difficulties, they could do a lot better in their studies.

Properly preparing for the ACCUPLACER can decrease the amount of time you need to spend towards obtaining your degree. With a high enough ACCUPLACER score, you can cut off at least a semester's worth of expenditures during your college career.

Find out more about Olympic College tuition and financial aid on the official Olympic College website.

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The Impact of Your ACCUPLACER Scores

The first classes you enroll in when you begin your higher education will directly influence how long it will take you to achieve your goals. Most incoming students take the ACCUPLACER with the general goal of scoring high and placing into beginning college-level courses. This enables them to avoid costly and time-consuming developmental classes.

English Course Placement

Section Test Score Course Placement

Sentence Skills


Reading Comprehension

SS: 0-51

RC: 0-60


Please contact Basic Studies advisor

SS: 52-66

RC: 61 & above

Reading and Writing in Life College (English 91)

Developing skills for select Prof/Tech

Business Writing Grammar for select (BSTEC 145)

SS: 67-91

RC: 61 & above

Into to Academic Reading & Writing (English 98)

SS: 78-91

RC: 84 & above

Reading & Writing Improvement (English 99)

SS: 92 & above

RC: 61-83

Reading & Writing Improvement (English 99)

SS: 92 & above

RC: 84 & above

Composition (English 101)

Business English (BSTEC 150)

This information is not official. Please check with your academic advisor.


Math Course Placement

Section Test Score Course Placement


Arith: 0-29

Essential Math (Math 90A)

Arith: 30 & above

Pre-Algebra (Math 90B)



 Elementary Algebra

Arith: 71 & above 


ElemAlg: 47 & above

Elementary Algebra (Math 94)

Intermediate Algebra for Liberal
Arts (Math 98)

Business &Personal Math
(BMGMT 140)

Applied Problem Solving
(Tec-D 145/WELD 145)

Elementary Algebra

ElemAlg: 55 & above

Descriptive Statistics (Math 96)

ElemAlg: 65 & above

Integrated Int. Algebra (Math 98i)

ElemAlg: 82 & above

Intermediate Algebra (Math 099)

Integrated Int. Algebra (Math 99i)

Elementary Algebra 


College-Level Math

ElemAlg: 98 & above 

CLM: 57 & above

Math in Society (Math & 107)

Math for the Environment (Math 112)

Pre-Calculus 1: College Algebra
(Math 141)

Introductory Statistics (Math 146)

Business Algebra (Math 147)

College-Level Math

CLM: 57 & above

Pre-Calculus I & II (Math 143)

CLM: 81 & above

Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry
(Math & 142)

CLM: 104 & above

Calculus I (Math & 151)

This information is not official. Please check with your academic advisor.


The initial courses you are placed into will be determined on the basis of your ACCUPLACER scores. Test preparation is essential to anyone who wishes to do well on exams. The ACCUPLACER Placement Test is no exception. With a variety of study material, including detailed explanation and practice exercises, TestPrep-Online has what you need to get the score you’re hoping for.

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Olympic College Degrees & Programs 

Olympic College values every student’s goals and needs, which means that the courses offered can be extremely different. No matter what course you choose, however, chances are you will have to take the ACCUPLACER test.

Examples of programs that require the ACCUPLACER test include the Olympic College Nursing program, which requires a 72 on the Reading Comprehension test to be accepted. Another program is the Olympic College Running Start Program, requires the student to submit both his or her ACCUPLACER scores, as well as his or her transcripts.

Format of the OC ACCUPLACER Test

The OC ACCUPLACER is a multiple-choice, computer-based test. The test is untimed. The online format of the test also enables it to be adaptive. The OC ACCUPLACER, specifically, is a technologically advanced test that achieves the aim of assessing the skills you have accumulated during your studies.

The ACCUPLACER measures your level of knowledge in three primary academic areas: reading, writing, and math. The OC placement test is comprised of the following five sections:

TestPrep-Online offers you the opportunity to effectively prepare for the Olympic College ACCUPLACER Test. You can accomplish a full review of basic high school subjects by simply putting in the time and effort to complete the practice tests. With TestPrep-Online, you may repeat these practice tests indefinitely until you feel comfortable with the format and types of questions you will encounter on the actual placement test.

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Olympic College ACCUPLACER Practice Material

The keys to beginning your college education in college credit classes are practice tests, question and answer analysis, study guides, and helpful test strategies.

TestPrep-Online provides all the tools needed to help you optimize your test scores, including OC ACCUPLACER sample questions and explanations. With our ACCUPLACER preparation packs, you will gain insight into the focus behind the questions and expected answers, allowing you to become more comfortable with the test and to complete it more accurately. Add professional test strategies, and the result is an easier and more successful ACCUPLACER test.Purchase one of our ACCUPLACER packs today!

ACCUPLACER Preparation Pack Benefits

  • Easy and immediate access via smart phone, tablet, or computer 24/7
  • Affordable products which save you money in the long run
  • Olympic College ACCUPLACER practice tests that simulate the real one
  • Methods, explanations, and tips for the test
  • Personalized score reports
  • Unlimited opportunities to perform all the practice exercises
  • A time-limit option for practicing the test in order to reduce stress during the actual test

ACCUPLACER® and WritePlacer® are trademarks and property of COLLEGE BOARD. The trademark holder is not affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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