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Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) ACCUPLACER Preparation 2018

If you plan to begin your college education at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), you can expect to take an ACCUPLACER placement test. Your scores on the test will determine your initial course load. TestPrep-Online can help you successfully prepare for your ACCUPLACER exam.
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About Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College offers 120 areas of study to suit every career interest. A full 73% of SLCC students go on to four-year colleges and universities.

At SLCC, you can obtain an associate degree in a wide range of fields such as arts, science, pre-engineering, and applied science. No matter which program you choose to enter, the ACCUPLACER Test will be your first challenge, providing you the opportunity to exempt yourself from remedial freshman courses and get a head start on your degree. Avoiding these courses will save you valuable time and money on the way to earning your degree.

TestPrep-Online is here to help you with all your ACCUPLACER preparation needs. Check out our comprehensive, tailor-made ACCUPLACER study packs.

Salt Lake Community College SLCC ACCUPLACER

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Tuition at SLCC

The average SLCC tuition price is $3,239 per year for Utah residents. For non-Utah residents, the price becomes $11,277. When taking into account other factors, such as cost of books, living, and extraneous factors, the average Utah resident will pay $18,940, while the non-Utah resident will pay $26,978. By preparing for the ACCUPLACER Test, you can significantly reduce the amount you have to pay for attending Salt Lake Community College.

Preparing for the SLCC ACCUPLACER can cut off over a semester of expenses, and thus allow you to keep a significant amount of money in your bank account by the time you graduate.

TestPrep-Online offers preparation material both for the ACCUPLACER math section, and the ACCUPLACER English section. Our ACCUPLACER Premium Pack contains practice material and information for every section of the test. Through effectively combining a series of study guides with thousands of sample question and explanations, our pack can mean a substantial kickstart to your college career, and an opportunity to stand out before even arriving on campus. Take a semester off your college career, and start practicing today!

Want to learn more about Salt Lake Community College tuition? Visit the SLCC official page.

Salt Lake Community College Admission Steps

For prospective students, the SLCC admission process consists of three simple steps, including filling out an application, applying for financial aid, and placement assessment. For the vast majority of students, the last step is done through the ACCUPLACER test.

SLCC uses the ACCUPLACER test to measure a student’s aptitude in math, reading, and writing. By preparing for the test, you can reduce the number of prerequisites you will have to take.

To help your SLCC admission process, TestPrep-Online offers ACCUPLACER practice packs dedicated to improving your ACCUPLACER math and ACCUPLACER English skills in time for the ACCUPLACER test.

Salt Lake Community College SLCC ACCUPLACER

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The Value of SLCC ACCUPLACER Scores

Your ACCUPLACER scores will determine which courses you will take during your first year at SLCC. This single test will impact your course load for the entirety of your college experience.

Math Course Placement

Section Test ScoreCourse Placement
Arithmetic34&belowMath 0900 or Math 0920 or Math 0001
35-74Math 0950 or Math 0001
75 & aboveMath 0990 or Math 0001
54 & belowMath 0990 or Math 0001
55 & aboveMath 1010
College Level Math39 & belowMath 1010
40-49Math 1030
50-54Math 1040 or Math 1090
55-59Math 1050
60-69Math 1080
70-94Math 1060 or Math 1100
95 & above Math 1210

This information is not official. Please check with your academic advisor.

English Course Placement

Section Sub-Section Test ScoreCourse Placement
39 & below LOEF Required
40-57 RDG0900
58-74 ENGL0990
75 & above No Reading Course Required
Writing Placement 39 & below LOEF Required
40-57 WRTG900
58-74 ENGL0990
75 & above ENGL1010

This information is not official. Please check with your academic advisor.

TestPrep-Online's preparation services can help you attain successful SLCC ACCUPLACER results. These results influence how many remedial courses you will need to take. You should aim for higher scores to avoid being enrolled in low-level courses. To ease your transition into academia, it is important to try to achieve the highest score you can on the ACCUPLACER placement test.

How to Prepare for the Test

TestPrep-Online offers you online, affordable products to help you improve your skills and get a higher score on the ACCUPLACER test.

The ACCUPLACER Premium Pack includes the full-length practice tests along with 500 additional exercises, giving you the opportunity to further improve your weaker spots.

If you need help with only either English or math, we suggest you try our ACCUPLACER English Pack or ACCUPLACER Math Pack separately.

These packs provide you with explanations and tips to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the real ACCUPLACER test. They are available online immediately after purchase and are easily accessible via desktop, smart phone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

Salt Lake Community College SLCC ACCUPLACER

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Placement Test Format

The SLCC ACCUPLACER Test is a computer-based, multiple-choice test that assesses your aptitude in reading, writing, and mathematics. The SLCC placement test is comprised of four sections, each of which contains 12–20 questions:

You will be tested on the basics of each topic. The test is not timed, which means you can spend as much time as you need to answer each question. It generally takes students between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete the test.

The SLCC ACCUPLACER is given on a walk-in basis every weekday at SLCC Testing Services in various locations: South City, Taylorsville Redwood, Jordan Campuses, and the West Valley Center.

To start preparing for your SLCC ACCUPLACER placement test, purchase one of our practice packs.

Salt Lake Community College SLCC ACCUPLACER

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