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 Aims Community College ACCUPLACER Test

Aims Community College is a two-year college serving northern Colorado. Its four campuses are located in Greeley, Loveland, Fort Lupton, and Windsor. Aims is focused on the career of every student and offers over 200 certificate and degree programs to a diverse student body.

Before you begin your college education at Aims, you will need to take an ACCUPLACER placement test. Preparing in advance for the ACCUPLACER placement test is crucial for understanding the subject matter covered on the test as well as improving your performance. TestPrep-Online offers affordable and comprehensive ACCUPLACER preparation packs geared toward your success at the Aims placement test. 

Aims Community College ACCUPLACER Format

The ACCUPLACER test is used by Aims to measure students' college readiness in basic skills and aptitudes. The test is formatted as a computer-based, multiple-choice test. Unlike most placement tests, the ACCUPLACER test is untimed. It is also adaptive. As you proceed through the test, each of your answers determines the increased or decreased difficulty of the next question.

There are five sections of the Aims ACCUPLACER test that you are required to take. The sections are listed below and to discover more about each section, simply click on the link to learn more.

TestPrep-Online's practice tests can help you review the material covered on the Aims ACCUPLACER test. Featuring question and answer analysis, our ACCUPLACER practice tests provide that extra boost to optimizing your test scores. 


What scores do you need on the Aims ACCUPLACER? Seeing as the test is for placement purposes, the higher you score, the greater your chance of placing in higher courses. The Aims ACCUPLACER scores you receive on the ACCUPLACER test are valid for three years.

If you actively prepare for the ACCUPLACER test, you are likely to receive a higher score. This, in turn, increases your chances of placing into college-level classes at the beginning of your college experience. You will thus avoid having to take semester-long remedial courses.

The following placement information was taken from Aims Community College’s website in September 2017. The information below cannot be regarded as official and we advise you connect with your academic advisor or the college for further help.

Aims ACCUPLACER Math Course Placement

Section Test Score Course Placement
Arithmetic 40 & Below Refer to Assessment Prep Program
40+ MAT 050 | MAT 107
Elementary Algebra 30 & Below Refer to Assessment Prep Program
30+ MAT 050 | MAT 107
60+ MAT 055 | MAT 103 | MAT 108 | MAT 109 | MAT 112
85+ MAT 120 | MAT 155 | MAT 156 | BUS 226 | MAT 135 | MAT 121
College-Level Math 55+ MAT 122 | MAT 125
80+ MAT 201

Aims ACCUPLACER English Course Placement

Section Test Score Refer to Assessment Prep ProgramCourse Placement
Reading Comprehension 40 & Below Refer to Assessment Prep Program
Sentence Skills 50 & Below Refer to Assessment Prep Program
50–69 CCR 092
70–94 CCR 094
95 ENG 121 & ENG 131

A high score on the ACCUPLACER also spells a reduced course load during your first two semesters of college. TestPrep-Online's educational team has created a variety of preparation packs for the ACCUPLACER to help you achieve the scores you need.

Prepare for the 2021 Aims Placement Test

TestPrep-Online's ACCUPLACER preparation pack includes math ACCUPLACER practice tests, English ACCUPLACER practice tests, grammar guides, and helpful test strategies. The time and effort you put into preparing for the Aims placement test will benefit you in many ways. You will gain a familiarity with the question types and format of your actual ACCUPLACER test. Knowing what to expect, and more importantly, that you can handle the questions you will find on the test will go a long way toward a successful test experience.

The ACCUPLACER placement test represents your first academic challenge at Aims Community College. It is essential for you to succeed on this test. This can be achieved with smart studying using our ACCUPLACER preparation packs. Optimize your placement test scores today.

ACCUPLACER® and WritePlacer® are trademarks and property of COLLEGE BOARD. The trademark holder is not affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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