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Are you a matriculated or non-matriculated student at the County College of Morris? If so, you will need to take the ACCUPLACER Test. TestPrep-Online has developed tailor-made ACCUPLACER preparation packs to ensure your success.
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About the County College of Morris

County College of Morris (CCM) is a two-year college with one of the highest graduation rates among the 19 county colleges in the state of New Jersey. It provides certificates or Associate’s Degrees in 92 fields. These fields fall under three main divisions: business, mathematics, engineering and technology, health and natural sciences, and liberal arts.

Located in Randolph, New Jersey, CCM seeks to make college education an affordable and beneficial step toward successful employment for each of its 7,000+ students. The ACCUPLACER placement test will be your first challenge.

TestPrep-Online is here to help you prepare for the ACCUPLACER placement test. Check out our comprehensive, tailor-made practice packs that cover the ACCUPLACER Math, Sentence Skills, and Reading Comprehension sections.

Prepare with ACCUPLACER Practice Tests and 1000 ACCUPLACER Questions

Structure of the CCM ACCUPLACER Test

The CCM ACCUPLACER is a multiple-choice, computer-based test. The test is untimed, however, students usually finish the test in up to 2.5 hours. Putting in the time and effort to complete several practice tests will help you develop a familiarity with the different types of questions you'll encounter on the actual CCM ACCUPLACER placement test. In addition, the question and answer analysis TestPrep-Online offers with each practice test will provide you with a deeper understanding of the subjects covered on the ACCUPLACER.

Depending on which course you are pursuing and your academic background, you may be required to sit the following sections the CCM ACCUPLACER placement test:

All CCM applicants are required to take the Essay and the Elementary Algebra sections, while the Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension sections are not always mandatory. Consult with your admissions advisor about this topic.

The ACCUPLACER College-Level Mathematics Test (CLM) can be taken only after a student has received a successful score on the Elementary Algebra section of the CCM placement test. The CLM is 20-question test administered to students who are majoring in fields that require a greater knowledge of math. CCM students majoring in engineering science, biology, chemistry, math, biotechnology, chemical technology, environmental science, computer science, and game development are all required to take the CLM placement test.

Prepare with ACCUPLACER Practice Tests and 1000 ACCUPLACER Questions

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CCM Placement Test Scores 2018

The CCM ACCUPLACER Test measures students' basic skills in reading, writing, and math. Your scores on this test will determine your initial placement into English and math courses during your first semester of college. To place out of remedial classes, you will need to receive a high score on the ACCUPLACER Test. Test preparation is essential for every exam you will ever take, and the CCM ACCUPLACER is no exception. Your scores on this test will have the biggest impact on your college course-load.

Who Takes the ACCUPLACERa at CCM?

As a rule, all matriculated and non-matriculated students must take the ACCUPLACER placement test. There are, however, some exceptions depending on a student’s previous studies (contact your academic advisor for more information). If you are applying for a major that requires advanced levels of mathematics skills, you will need to take the college-level math section of the test as well.

The ACCUPLACER Test is administered at the CCM Learning Resource Center five days a week during the testing period.

How to Prepare for Your CCM ACCUPLACER Test

TestPrep-Online offers online products tailored to help you improve your skills and get the scores you want on the ACCUPLACER. Our ACCUPLACER Premium Pack includes full-length practice tests and question and answer analysis, grammar guides and helpful exam strategies. An additional 500 exercises are included to help you strengthen your skillset for the ACCUPLACER test. If you need to prepare for a specific section of the ACCUPLACER, try our ACCUPLACER Math Pack or ACCUPLACER English Pack.

Prepare with ACCUPLACER Practice Tests and 1000 ACCUPLACER Questions

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