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When are you going to get your score report? What will your score report look like? The answers to these questions and more are available right here. Check out TestPrep-Online FAQ below to see if your questions have been answered. For more information check out our community page, you can post your own questions and receive answers from our Accuplacer community!
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How is my Accuplacer score used?

Your Accuplacer score is given to your guidance counselor for the purpose of placing you in the appropriate college course level.

When will I receive my score?

Because Accuplacer is a computerized test, you will receive your results immediately when you finish the exam.

What will my scores look like?

Once you have finished the exam you will receive a score report which will display the numerical score from each section. Depending on the college, some counselors will give you a printed score report as well.

What is a “score report?”

The Score Report includes each section in which you were tested and gives you a numerical grade accordingly (on a scale from 20-120). The essay portion of the test is given a holistic grade from 0 to 8 as well as feedback on six important aspects of writing: purpose and focus, organization and structure, development and support, sentence variety and style, mechanical conventions, and critical thinking.  

What score do I need in order to take College-Level courses?

Each college has its own score requirements and your guidance counselor will tell you which courses you may or may not take based on your Accuplacer scores.

Where can I find practice tests and sample questions for each topic?

At TestPrep-Online we offer you information and sample questions on each topic in the links below. You can also download our free Accuplacer booklet which includes 30 additional sample questions.

Accuplacer Math

Accuplacer English
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