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There are 50 million Americans over 65 today, who will need ongoing medical services. As every American receives health insurance, more people will have the resources to see doctors and nurses on a consistent basis. Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of 100,000 nursing jobs, with another 250,000 nurses needed by 2025. As fewer doctors are available to serve an aging baby boomer generation, the roles and functions of today’s nurse are far more expanded and exciting than ever before. Nursing will be an in-demand field with tremendous opportunities for career advancement over the coming decades.

States are giving generous financial aid, and even scholarships for new nursing school students. Employers are offering first class benefits packages to people who complete their studies. The average salary for a nurse is over $69,000 with the top 10% of earners making $100,000 per year.

Performing well on your TEAS test is vital to making it happen. The TEAS is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 170 questions, all of which must be answered in 209 minutes. The test is divided into four sections: reading, math, sciences, and English language. Most schools will require a minimum score to gain acceptance. Additionally, your score will be compared against everyone else applying. The higher you score, the more likely you will be accepted into the nursing school of your choice, and not among the 69,000 applicants who get wait listed or outright rejected. Claiming a spot in the next classroom has become competitive, but not impossible.

Our job at TestPrep-Online is to get you ready to ace the test. Our TEAS VI online practice test pack mirrors the actual test content and includes detailed explanations, score reports, and a complete breakdown of the sections found on the test. Our preparation materials are written by experts. They include biologists, mathematicians, and English teachers. You will have access to over 1,000 TEAS questions, including two full-length tests.

What Is the TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is becoming increasingly common among nursing schools. Nursing programs want to admit top candidates who will successfully complete their courses, and earn a degree in nursing. The TEAS test requires thorough preparation, especially for applicants with little to no background in chemistry or biology. To increase your chances of getting into a good nursing program, even receiving scholarships and financial aid, you need to know the material on the exam beforehand.

Why Do I Need to Take the TEAS Exam?

With nursing becoming a more popular career choice, the field has become more competitive. As a result, nursing programs have become more selective. Nursing schools use this test to see if you can handle the material. They want to avoid a situation where a candidate is accepted into a nursing program but performs poorly and eventually quits or flunks out. Scoring high reassures them that you will be able to pass the course and become a nurse, enjoying the salary and benefits that come with the profession.

The test is given November through April. You can take the test as many times as you want. We offer a 6 month license for our TEAS VI Practice – Premium Pack to make sure you have everything you need to ace the test the first time. If you need to take the test more than once to get your desired score, the license is still active. You get everything you need for just $39, a 33% discount to our standard license fees.

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TEAS VI Content and Format

The test may be taken either on a computer or with paper and pencil. The test contains 170 questions, but is made up of four sections, each with its own time limit.

Subtest Number of QuestionsTime
Reading 48 58 minutes
Mathematics 34 51 minutes
Sciences 54 66 minutes
English & Language Usage 34 34 minutes
Total 170 209 minutes

TEAS Sections

  1. TEAS Reading: 48 questions, 58 minutes
  2. This section will assess your reading comprehension skills. You will be provided with short passages or paragraphs followed by questions about these passages. The questions will ask about a passage's main topic or theme, the author's opinion, a logical conclusion, etc. Other questions in this section may require you to review a graphic or statement and then answer questions about it.

  3. TEAS Math: 33 questions, 50 minutes
  4. The math section consists of basic math operations (percentages, word problems, fractions, ratios, etc.), algebraic applications, data interpretations, and measurements. Some questions will be more difficult than others, so be sure to budget your time wisely. Calculators are not permitted.

  5. TEAS Science: 54 questions, 66 minutes
  6. The science section consists of four major subjects: human body science, life science, earth and physical science, and scientific reasoning. This section may be more difficult than others as specific scientific knowledge is needed. Preparing for this section is highly recommended, as it relies heavily on familiarity with each topic.

  7. TEAS English and Language Usage: 35 questions, 35 minutes
  8. The English and Language Usage section is comprised of questions about sentence structure, spelling and punctuation, and grammar and word meaning. This section requires strong familiarity with the rules of the English language.
Our test pack includes over 1,000 questions and answers. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the material, become comfortable with the type of questions on the test and how they will appear on the exam, and be able to quickly recognize many the actual questions you will see on the exam itself. This is vital for a test with a time limit. You will be able to quickly answer many of the questions, and have plenty of time to carefully answer the ones that may be a little tougher. It takes the pressure off. You have time to check your work, and answer all the questions within the time allowed. This is why people who use our PrepPacks™ score higher on their TEAS exam.

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What's Included in Your PrepPack™

  • Over 1,000 practice questions consisting of:
  • Two full-length practice TEAS tests (340 questions and answers)
  • Over 150 math practice questions and answers
  • 390 additional reading practice questions and answers
  • 137 additional language practice questions and answers
  • 50 additional science practice questions and answers
  • Three math study guides
  • All the question types seen on the real test
  • Answers, explanations, and score reports
  • Immediate online access
  • Unlimited practice, 24/7
  • Secured payment

TEAS Test Scores

Scores may be accessed online on the ATI Testing website. Log into your account and select "My Results" from the main menu. Then click on EXAM and your scores will appear. To find out what your score means and what score you need, contact the program(s) to which you are applying. ATI itself does not discuss scores with students.

To have ATI send your TEAS scores to the programs of your choice, go to the store on the ATI website. Select TEAS Transcript fee (for which you will need to pay $27), and your transcripts will be sent via email immediately upon request. If your school does not appear as a choice on the list of programs to which scores are sent, contact your program. The program will have to call ATI and provide an email address in order to receive test scores.

TEAS Practice Test

It is highly recommended to prepare for the TEAS test, as many of the test sections include areas that can be improved. With TestPrep-Online's TEAS practice tests, you will have access to over 1,000 TEAS questions (including two full-length tests) and be able to practice for all sections.

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