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Preparing for the ACCUPLACER Test

The ACCUPLACER test assesses your strengths and weaknesses in college-level math and English and enables the college to place you into courses that meet your skill level. At TestPrep-Online we offer you an extensive preparation experience!

Why buy the ACCUPLACER preparation pack:

Saves money on remedial courses
Saves time: practice only the relevant material
Summarizes the material for the exam
 Three full-length practice tests that simulate the ACCUPLACER format and content
Practice tests yield a score that predicts real test score
500 additional exercises
Detailed explanations for each question
Detailed reports with a breakdown of questions solved correctly and incorrectly and their explanations
Expertise: material developed by experienced educators
Tests and exercises can be practiced an unlimited number of times
Study at your own pace with convenient 24/7 online availability
Accessible on all tablets and mobile devices

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The ACCUPLACER Math and English Sections

The test is a computer-based placement test that covers two main areas, which assess the most prevalent college math and English skills and requirements. The test consists of multiple-choice questions that increase or decrease in difficulty based upon responses to previous questions. There is no time limit to complete the test.

Click the links below to learn more about each section and start your online test preparation:

Get Ready to Succeed - Practice Online

Don’t waste time. Start practicing now with our online preparation packs. We offer a choice between four packs: the Basic pack includes full-length practice tests as well as our ACCUPLACER grammar guide; the Premium pack includes full-length practice tests, our ACCUPLACER grammar guide, grammar exercises, and over 500 additional math and English exercises for comprehensive preparation; the Math pack and the English pack can be purchased separately, in order to improve only one of the subjects. Choose the pack that best suits your needs or contact us below if you have any more questions. Let us help you get the scores you want in order to succeed!

Free Sample Questions

At TestPrep-Online we offer you free 30-question sample test. In the links below you will find everything you need to know about each topic plus sample questions. For additional practice, download our free 30-question sample test booklet.



ACCUPLACER Scores and Placement

Results will be available to you and the college immediately after completion of the exam. Scores for the multiple-choice tests range between 20 and 120 points. Each college sets its own minimum requirement for course placement levels; therefore, the ACCUPLACER is not a test one can pass or fail. If you earn a low score on the test you may be required to take remedial classes before entering college-level courses. These classes are prerequisites and do not count towards a degree or college credit!

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